I Remember Me

I Remember Me

Carl Reiner

Language: English

Pages: 303

ISBN: 1477264566

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I Remember Me weaves an American tapestry of colorful tales, beginning with the timid musings of a young boy on the verge of becoming a man in the Jewish section of New York's Bronx neighborhood, and bringing us up to date with the mature insight of a man whose remarkable trajectory has sent him to the top of Hollywood's elite and sparked the careers of dozens of household-name entertainers. Along the way, Reiner treats his loyal readers to everything from the ordinary to the truly unforgettable: a family trip to a nude beach, French lessons with Mel Brooks, a chapter dedicated to Rinnie the dog who unfortunately mistakes a skunk for a cat, a surprise early-morning visit from the McCarthy era FBI, a heart wrenching story of loss describing the day of his wife's passing, and then in a revealing chapter of Reiner's character, he describes "the most theatrically triumphant day" of his young career.

Through his memoir, we meet the man behind the success in roles rarely seen before: son to Romanian immigrant Irving Reiner, husband to fellow Bronx native and renowned singer Estelle Reiner, father to the prolific filmmaker Rob Reiner, Dr. Annie Reiner psychoanalyst & gifted singer, and Lucas Reiner, a globally recognized fine artist.

Written with the same combination of playful jest and modest humility that has garnered the love and respect of fans for generations, I Remember Me remembers the creative and inspiring journey of one of the most revered comedic icons of the past hundred years.

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expected to see a serious actor cut up like you did. You had me and my buddies howling. My friend Sol said that you are a fucking genius!” Whoa, too much, I thought, better dial it back a bit. I was sure Mr. Ferrer was going to hang up on me, and he did, but not before asking for my number. Amid all my slathering, I must have said something that piqued his interest and, two days later, he called and I found that the old adage, “Flattery will get you nowhere!” was wrong. Maybe ordinarily

in the American Labor Party, is that right?” They can’t ask me that, I thought. We have a secret ballot. But I smiled brightly and snapped back, “Yesiree! That’s my party!” “And we understand, Mr. Reiner, that you voted for their candidate, Henry Wallace?” “I sure did!” I said proudly. “Didn’t you?” “May we ask why?” one of them asked, neither agent reacting to my audacious question. “Because he was the best candidate.” “Why do you think that, Mr. Reiner?”

“men,” a ninth and tenth man, were needed for the minyan, and I was pressed into service. Besides not wanting to spend my time in a synagogue, I harbored a guilty secret that I have never revealed to anyone—until I wrote the following chapter, whose title tells it all. CHAPTER TWO Because of Me, the Prayers of Ten Jews Fell on Deaf Ears My best friends during my pre-teenage years were, as I have mentioned, Lenny, Shlermy, David, Marty, and Mutty. In their tenth, eleventh, and

candidate for a court-martial? Just as I had foreseen, all the performers on the bill did great. I was particularly heartened by the cries for encores that each of our musical acts received. My army buddies were very supportive and laughed loudly when I did my impressions of our professors, and I was relieved to see that most of the faculty who knew the men at whom I was poking fun were either smiling or laughing. After I delivered my impression of Professor Coutinho, I walked off into

delivered acerbic comments would get lots of smiles from us and a goodly share of laughs. I recall one sketch the writers were working on that was one of the strongest of the season. In it, Sid and I played brothers who were born in Hell’s Kitchen and grew up in poverty. Sid became a mob boss, and I, whose bills he paid to send though law school, became a crusading district attorney. He was proud of me and particularly of my achievement as “a good speller,” often requesting that I spell the

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