I Used to Say My Mother Was Shirley Bassey

I Used to Say My Mother Was Shirley Bassey

Stephen K. Amos

Language: English

Pages: 147

ISBN: 1780338570

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Growing up in a large Nigerian family in South London, Stephen K. Amos learnt early on to find the humour in every situation. Raised by his parents and extended family of 'aunts' and 'uncles', I Used to Say My Mother was Shirley Bassey tells the story of Stephen's chaotic upbringing in the carnival atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties. Stephen describes his awkward beginnings as the only black kid in his class, where he told everyone his mum was Shirley Bassey to break the ice. Then, as a middle child in a large family, Stephen learnt stage presence by vying for attention and performing at family parties. Now a world-renowned comedian and performer, regularly selling out venues like the Hammersmith Apollo, Stephen looks back at his earlier life and the incidents which shaped him and continue to inspire his performances. Poignant, funny, and with the narrative gift Stephen is famous for, I Used to Say My Mother was Shirley Bassey is a memoir of a life fitting in, standing out, and (almost) always laughing.

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teachers, were vague about the details of the whole incident in the way that kids can be. And Mr Hackett, rather than blaming me for the whole thing, focused his time on claiming to be seriously claustrophobic. Pathetically, he tried to explain that he’d suffered a psychotic moment of madness and that’s why he’d been manhandling and screaming at a little boy who was about an inch from suffocating. Mr Hackett got fired from the school within a week. The kids in class were so grateful to Dustin

marriage and children were shattered. Other fantasies involving her persisted for a bit longer but I felt sure that we would never meet again. I’d almost forgotten about her by the following week and was working as normal when the door rang and she entered. I don’t want to sound bitter about it but there is a difference between the way that boys and girls flirt and date. When a guy says he’ll come around and see you after school he either does what he says or he doesn’t and you never see him

afterwards, I could see the envy in his eyes. I’m pretty sure that had he known how much fun we’d have, he would have taken some time off work or even gone halves with me on the Hoover. However, he didn’t say anything and I respected that. It fits in with a never apologize, never admit you’re wrong way of thinking. A couple of weeks later I had the pictures from our trip developed. Now that does seem like an outdated thing to say. To the kids reading this: look it up! That’s how we did things in

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