Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Book 10)

Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Book 10)

Annie Barrows

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1452128715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Watch out, you diabolical masterminds! There's a new detective on Pancake Court: Bean! She laughs at danger! She solves even the most mysterious mysteries! What? There aren't any mysteries? Then Bean and her assistant, Ivy, will make some!

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Dino. Ivy looked between her fingers. “I am Mr. Whoever! I tied the rope!” “You are?” said Sophie S. and Prairie and Ruby and Trevor together. “You did?” Ivy nodded and covered her face again. “I did it. I’m sorry!” “No way,” said Dino. “Yes way,” sniffed Ivy. “How’d you get up on my roof?” Dino asked, looking at her with narrow eyes. “Um—I—uh—” Bean could tell Ivy was going to say something about flying, so quickly she interrupted, “Ivy has a super-long ladder at her house.” This was

true, too. “I do!” said Ivy. “The painter left it by mistake. It’s in the backyard.” “Didn’t you say she was on the porch with you last night?” asked Ruby. “How could she add a new piece of rope when you were sitting right there?” “When she fell asleep, I snuck off the porch and tied a new piece onto the end. I lied! I lied to my friend!” Ivy buried her face in her hands again. Bean said sternly, “I hope you’ve learned something from this, young lady.” Her parents said that to her all the

+ + + + + “But now we know,” Bean was saying. “We didn’t know before, and now we do.” “He’s just tired because his baby cries all night!” said Prairie. “It’s not very mysterious,” agreed Dino. Ruby and Trevor, who lived down the street, nodded. They’d come outside when the mailman screamed, but they didn’t think a sleepy mailman was mysterious either. Ivy’s cheeks got pink. “Look! No one knew why he slept in his truck. Now we know. The mystery was solved by Bean, P. I.” Prairie shook her

she began, and now her voice was shaking, too. Most of the time, Bean was scared of Mrs. Trantz. But sometimes she couldn’t stand her more than she was scared of her. This was one of those times. Bean charged through the white gravel, grabbed Ivy’s arm, and hauled her toward the porch. “Look, Mrs. Trantz,” she yelled. “We found this rope! Is it yours?” She waved the rope at Mrs. Trantz. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” yelled Mrs. Trantz. “I don’t have rope! Go home!” Bean knew

“Me too! Is yours a tomato?” “Nope, an egg,” said Ivy. She looked at the rope. “It hasn’t gotten longer.” Bean scooted close to her. “I’m glad you came.” “I want to see Mr. Whoever-tied-the-rope,” said Ivy. “You do? What if he’s big and mean?” asked Bean. “Maybe he’ll be little and nice.” Bean hoped so. They did some waiting. They did some more waiting. They did some huddling. Then some more waiting. Then their tushes fell asleep. They got to their feet and did some stand-up waiting. They

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