Judy Moody Declares Independence

Judy Moody Declares Independence

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0763648515

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a visit to Boston spurs Judy's interest in Revolutionary heroes and heroines, she's soon on a quest for more independence in this hilarious new episode from Megan McDonald and Peter H. Reynolds. Huzzah!

She, Judy Moody, would hereby, this day, make the Judy Moody Declaration of Independence. With alien rights and her own Purse of Happiness and everything.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Everyone knows that Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and now a visit to Boston has put our famous third grader in a revolutionary mood. When Judy meets an English girl named Tori at the Tea Party ship, she is gobsmacked to learn how many liberties her British friend enjoys — her very own phone, private loo, and pounds of allowance. When a day of cheerfully doing her chores doesn't earn Judy Moody more rights, and staging a revolt in the form of a tea-throwing Boston Tub Party has her dad reading the riot act, Judy is forced into temporary retreat. Who would guess that a real-life crisis involving her brother, Stink, would finally give Judy a chance to show her courageous quick thinking - -and prove her independence, once and for all?

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ladder to her top bunk. “Lights out!” said Mom. “Good night, sweetie.” Dad blew her a kiss. After Mom and Dad pulled the door almost-shut, Judy lay on her top bunk and gazed up at the night-sky ceiling full of glow-in-the-dark stars. Star-spangled bananas! She, Judy Moody, was Independent-with-a-capital-I. As independent as Ben Franklin. John Hancock. Paul Revere. As independent as Sybil Ludington on her midnight ride. Being independent was brilliant! The bee’s knees. And staying up late was

Bunny headband from Tori). A responsible person did not have bird’s-nest hair. Then Judy did something she had not done for three weeks. She made her bed. A grown-up, independent person did not have a bed that looked like a yard sale. On the bus, Judy told Rocky about the star-spangled bananas at the Giant Milk Bottle and the Sugar Packet Girl named Tori and about throwing tea off the Tea Party Ship. She could not wait to tell her teacher and her whole class. “What are you going to tell your

half-dead plant: YE OLDE LIBERTY TREE. “First I’ll make a speech at Ye Olde Liberty Tree. Hear ye! Hear ye!” called Judy, jingling Mouse again. “Give me liberty or give me more allowance!” Mom and Dad laughed. Stink snorted. “Listen, ye olde trail people. I’m Judy. I’ll be your tour guide. Follow the red footprints to freedom!” Judy led her family from room to room. On the dining room table, it said, JUDY MOODY DID HOMEWORK HERE. “I do my homework there every day,” said Stink. Judy gave him

honey. Everything looks really good,” said Dad. “You’re starting to show us that you can be responsible and do things independently.” “It’s nice when we don’t have to tell you all the time,” said Mom. “So I can have more freedoms now? Like not brushing my hair all the time? And staying up later than Stink?” “I want freedoms, too!” said Stink. “Chocolate milk for breakfast!” “We’re proud of you, Judy,” Mom said. “But these are all things we want you to do anyway.” “You already get an

think,” Rocky said, “how super scary it must have been when Sybil rode through the woods . . . and it was dark and robbers were all around.” “But she had to stop the British from burning down the whole town of Danbury!” “Yeah. But if she got caught, the bad guys might think she was a spy!” Rocky said. Judy and Rocky talked about Sybil all the way home. When they got off the bus, Judy started walking, then said, “Oops, I almost forgot. I rode my bike to the bus stop today.” “Okay. See ya!”

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