Junky: The Definitive Text of "Junk"

Junky: The Definitive Text of "Junk"

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0802120423

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Junk is not, like alcohol or a weed, a means to increased enjoyment of life. Junk is not a kick. It is a way of life.

In his debut novel, Junky, Burroughs fictionalized his experiences using and peddling heroin and other drugs in the 1950s into a work that reads like a field report from the underworld of post-war America. The Burroughs-like protagonist of the novel, Bill Lee, see-saws between periods of addiction and rehab, using a panoply of substances including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, paregoric (a weak tincture of opium) and goof balls (barbiturate), amongst others. For this definitive edition, renowned Burroughs scholar Oliver Harris has gone back to archival typescripts to re-created the author's original text word by word. From the tenements of New York to the queer bars of New Orleans, Junky takes the reader into a world at once long-forgotten and still with us today. Burroughs’s first novel is a cult classic and a critical part of his oeuvre.

Boy 30529: A Memoir

Julius Caesar

84, Charing Cross Road

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was all right, I didn't want to bug you by bringing anything up. When I heard one day that Herman had been arrested I figured I would be next, but I was already sick and did not have the encrgy to leave town. I was arrested at my apartment by two detectives and a Federal agent. The State Inspector had sworn out a warrant charging me with violation of Public Health Law 334 for giving a wrong name on a prescription. The two detectives were the con-man and tough-guy team. The con-man was asking me,

are you talking about? I don't know anything about your money." "I've seen you on this line every night. This is your regular route." He turned and pointed to me. "And there's your partner right there. Now, are you going to give me my dough?" "What dough?" "Okay. Just stay put. We're taking a ride back to town and this had better be good." Suddenly, the man put both hands in Roy's coat pockets. "You sonofabitch!" he veiled. "Give me my dough!" Roy hit him in the face and knocked him down. "Why

play cards. Lunch was served in the ward room and was an excellent meal. There were three shots a day. One at seven a.m., when we got up, one at one p.m., and one at nine p.m. Two old acquaintances had come in during the afternoon, Matty and Louis. I ran into Louis as we were lining up for the evening shot. "Did they get you?" he asked me. "No. Just here for the cure. How about you?" "Same with me," he answered. With the evening shot, they gave me some chloral hydrate in a glass. Five new

features and wiry, black hair a little gray at the temples. He was wearing an expensive sports coat, whipcord slacks, and a suede leather jacket. We had known each other for thirty years. Rollins listened to my account of the previous evening. "You're going to get your head blown off carrying that gun," he said. "What do you carry it for? You wouldn't know what you were shooting at. You bumped into trees twice there on Insurgentes. You walked right in front of a car. I pulled you back and you

instead. Addict A has "beat" addict B for the money. Benny. . . Benzedrine. It can also mean overcoat. Bring down, Drag. . . The opposite of high. Depressing. Brown Stuff, or Mud. . . Opium Burn Down . . . To overdo or run into the ground. Certain restaurants are used so much by junkies as meeting-places that the restaurant gets known to the police. Then the restaurant is "burned down." Burning Down Habit, an Oil Burner Habit . . . A heavy habit. C, Coke, Charge, Charly . . . Cocaine. Caps . .

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