Killer Joe

Killer Joe

Tracy Letts

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1559364513

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"One of the best American plays of the past quarter century." - Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

"An immensely entertaining pop artifact. Written with neon-lit flamboyance." - Vincent Canby, New York Times

"A brilliant play. A major theatrical event." - Michael Billington, Guardian

“A visceral theatre experience of the highest order. For those who like their theatre strong, not tepid, it's immensely gratifying.” –Backstage

The Smith family hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch for her insurance money and hire Killer Joe Cooper, a police detective and part-time contract killer, to do the job. Once he enters the trailer, their simple plan spirals out of control. Letts’s unforgettable first play is “a tense, gut-twisting thriller ride” and has been performed in fifteen countries in twelve languages (Chicago Tribune). The film adaptation, released in 2011 and starring Matthew McConaghey, is “written with merciless black humor…one hell of a movie” (Roger Ebert).

Tracy Letts was awarded the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play for August: Osage County, which premiered at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in 2007 before playing Broadway, London's National Theatre, and a forty-week US tour. Other plays include Pulitzer Prize finalist Man from Nebraska; Killer Joe, which was adapted into a critically acclaimed film; and Bug, which has played in New York, Chicago, and London and was adapted into a film. Letts is an ensemble member of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and garnered a Tony Award for his performance in the Broadway revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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(Ansel and Sharla enter, wearing mourning clothes. Chris pulls away from Dottie.) How’d it go? ANSEL: You little bastard . . . CHRIS: What? ANSEL: You little son-of-a-bitch . . . CHRIS: What’s the matter? ANSEL: I’m not talkin’ in front of Dottie— SHARLA: Oh, hell, Ansel, she knows what’s goin’ on— ANSEL: I’m not talkin’ in front of her! CHRIS: What are you talkin’ about? What happened with Kilpatrick? ANSEL: Sharla, take Dottie for a drive— SHARLA: You take her— CHRIS: Will you

You could’ve told him Chris would fuck it up. SHARLA: It’s none of my business— JOE: But it is, isn’t it? It is your business. SHARLA: Look, what is this all—? JOE: If you were going to share in the money, it is your business. Isn’t it? SHARLA: Yeah, I don’t know— JOE: Yet you didn’t advise against it. SHARLA: No. No, I didn’t. JOE: Why not? SHARLA: I’m trying to tell you— JOE: Why didn’t you advise against it? SHARLA: ’Cause I wanted some of that money, all right? I mean, if, if Chris

HIM! (Chris tries to struggle out of the refrigerator, but Joe is suddenly there, beating the hell out of Chris with a can of pumpkin.) SHARLA, GRAB HIM!— JOE: GODDAMN YOU, DIE! (Sharla jumps on Chris’s feet and pins them to the floor. Ansel holds Chris down while Joe continues beating on him.) ANSEL: DO IT, JOE, KILL HIM! SHARLA: KILL HIM! KILL HIM! DOTTIE: I’M GETTING ANGRY! JOE: DIE, DIE, DIE! (Dottie fires the gun, striking the radio. Joe, Ansel and Sharla immediately roll out of the

do to her? She wouldn’ta kicked you out for no reason— CHRIS: She’s a fuckin’ bitch, Dad— ANSEL: You hit her, didn’t you? CHRIS: Goddamn it, NO! I didn’t hit her, I told you— ANSEL: Then why’d she throw you out? CHRIS: I threw her up against the fridge. ANSEL: That’s pretty much the same as hittin’ her, wouldn’t you say? CHRIS: No, it’s not. I barely threw her. There’s not a mark on her. ANSEL: But she threw you out anyway—? CHRIS: You wanna know why I threw her? ANSEL: No. CHRIS: She

heard this awful screaming from inside, this shrieking. DOTTIE: Wow. JOE: We went into the place, and it was completely dark, and we just followed the sound of this scream back to the back bedroom. I didn’t know what the hell to expect— DOTTIE: Yeah— JOE: —and we open the door, and suddenly, this huge guy is on top of me, knocks me to the floor, just screaming and clawing at me— DOTTIE: Oh my God— JOE: And then it turns out . . . there’s no one else even there. And he wasn’t trying to hurt

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