King of the Railway (Thomas & Friends)

King of the Railway (Thomas & Friends)

Wilbert Awdry

Language: English

Pages: 8


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas the Tank Engine discovers mysteries of the past--and may even find a treasure!--when a stranger comes to the Island of Sodor. Train-obsessed little boys ages 3--7 will thrill to this retelling of the newest Thomas & Friends direct-to-DVD/Blue-ray movie, King of the Railway.

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His wood was worn and he had rust holes in his boiler. He hadn’t turned his wheels in years. “Surprise!” the old engine peeped. “Stephen will be helping with my project,” the earl explained. Victor said he’d have Stephen fixed up in no time. As Victor and Stephen rolled away, Thomas asked the earl what Stephen would be doing. “I have a special job for him, but it’s best not to say anything yet.” “Okay, sir,” peeped Thomas. “I won’t say anything. I promise.” News of the mysterious old

engine spread quickly. The next morning, many of the engines rolled down to the Steamworks to see Stephen. He was suspended high in the air, hanging from a gantry crane. His wheels had been removed. “What are you doing up there?” asked Henry. “They’re turning me into an airplane!” Stephen joked. “Stephen is one of the first steam engines ever built!” said Victor. “I’ve been around a long time,” Stephen said, laughing. “And I wasn’t always this rusty. “Back when trains were pulled by horses,”

Steamie!” said Diesel. “We have work to do.” “There’s no work here for an old engine like you,” Cranky said. Stephen puffed sadly away from the docks. Stephen wound his way up to the Blue Mountain Quarry. It was bigger and busier than any quarry he’d worked in before. “I’m looking for my new job,” Stephen said to a Narrow Gauge engine named Luke. “We can always use help,” Luke peeped. But each truck Stephen tried to pull was just too heavy. He steamed and strained, but none would move.

and lifted his mask. It was the earl! “Ladies and gentlemen, engines and coaches, welcome to Ulfstead Castle. There is still work to do, but we’ll soon restore King Godred’s castle to its former glory. “Now let me introduce my special steam engine, Stephen! He and Millie will be more than happy to show you the grounds.” Stephen rolled into view. His new funnel glittered like gold. It reminded Thomas of something. But what? “Most importantly,” the earl said, “Stephen has found something that I

1940s, a loving father crafted a small blue wooden engine for his son, Christopher. The stories this father, the Reverend W Awdry, made up to accompany the wonderful toy were first published in 1945. Reverend Awdry continued to create new adventures and characters until 1972, when he retired from writing. Tommy Stubbs has been an illustrator for several decades. Lately, he has been illustrating the newest tales of Thomas and his engine friends, including Thomas and the Great Discovery, Hero of

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