Laid Bare: One Man's Story of Sex, Love and Other Disorders

Laid Bare: One Man's Story of Sex, Love and Other Disorders

Jesse Fink

Language: English

Pages: 149

ISBN: 2:00253122

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Successful Sydney-based sportswriter Jesse Fink was at the height of his professional career when his wife of 10 years left him and walked into the arms of a new man. In one fell swoop he lost his best friend, his soulmate, his family, his identity. His wife's new lover even got his dog. What followed was a journey of emotional salvation, personal reinvention and sexual adventuring that took him from contemplating cutting his wrists to sleeping with hundreds of women.
Fink's search for love and pleasure saw him jump headlong into the freewheeling but sometimes dangerous world of online dating. He visited brothels and massage parlours. He crossed the Pacific for doomed affairs with a burlesque dancer and a high-class escort.

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meaning of ‘wealth’ had been totally perverted. People appeared to be borrowing more than ever before and leveraging everything they had to own expensive homes and drive new cars and eat out at the right restaurants but still seemed to be fucking miserable. I cared only about feeling something. Emotionally I was deadened by Lara’s leaving and sex awakened me not just inside but also to how I had got my priorities all wrong. Everything that had previously preoccupied or diverted me – my career,

having money for a rainy day, owning my own home – ceased to be important. I made a conscious decision that I would exist only for myself and, for half the week, my daughter. And that meant getting back my health. Enjoying simple pleasures. Learning to go without luxuries. And amid all the relentless spading and fucking, coming to understand what it was I really wanted in a woman. *   *   * After all my initial misgivings about the east, Darlinghurst struck me as just about the best place in

from a well-placed insider or smack down the front page of Corriere della Sera and translate whatever was being said about the latest scandal in Serie A, the Italian league. Raúl, the Spanish superstar from Real Madrid, had visited Piazzolla with his glamazon wife. As had Italian striker Christian Vieri, AC Milan’s Daniele Massaro and Brazilian World Cup star Juninho. I would regularly arrange to lunch at the café with Pim Verbeek, the Dutch coach who took Australia to the 2010 World Cup in

Suzi Quatro. Marguerite was the only known woman in the history of rock who’d turned down Sebastian Bach. The towering Skid Row singer, one of the great ladies’ men of the 1980s, had dropped his drawers in his hotel room on a visit to Sydney and dangled his cock in her face. Rather than take his member, she’d burst out laughing. Our maladaptive personalities were sparking with our jealousies and insecurities, with our sadness at losing our marriages, with our desperate need to be touched. The

myself. ‘You have to understand, Jesse, I’m only just getting to know you,’ she told me when I asked her why she wouldn’t touch me the way I was touching her. I didn’t listen. ‘I’m a tactile person, Tori. I don’t understand. I’ve spent every hour of every day for months thinking about you and waiting to come here. I thought we had something already.’ ‘What? Sex isn’t intimate enough for you? It’s intimate for me.’ ‘No. That’s not intimacy.’ ‘I’ve known you for four months but you have to

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