Late Nights on Air: A Novel

Late Nights on Air: A Novel

Elizabeth Hay

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1582434808

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s 1975 when beautiful Dido Paris arrives at the radio station in Yellowknife, a frontier town in the Canadian north. She disarms hard-bitten broadcaster Harry Boyd and electrifies the station, setting into motion rivalries both professional and sexual.

As the drama at the station unfolds, a proposed gas pipeline threatens to rip open the land and inspires many people to find their voices for the first time.This is the moment before television conquers the north’s attention, when the fate of the Arctic hangs in the balance.

After the snow melts, members of the radio station take a long canoe trip into the Barrens, a mysterious landscape of lingering ice and infinite light that exposes them to all the dangers of the ever-changing air.

Spare, witty, and dynamically charged, this compelling tale embodies the power of a place and of the human voice to generate love and haunt the memory.

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Notebook of Roses and Civilization

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pressed her with more questions and learned that she hadn’t been able to work since June, a combination of exhaustion and depression; the doctors had suggested an extended leave might help, and NBC was being decent about it. Eddy worked for both of them anyway, she said. He worked all the time. Listening to her talk, Harry wondered if Daniel Moir had ever contacted her. He wanted to ask, but it was really none of his business. If Moir had gone all the way to Yellowknife but no farther, it

jealousy, she confessed to the shadowy, sympathetic, ever-impressed voice. In my early years in radio, I was very bad. I know, it’s hard to believe, but something about radio made me even more self-conscious. In Yellowknife I worked with Dido Paris and she was such a natural. The name means nothing to you? Well, she was wonderful on air. I wasn’t like that at all. “You’re deep in thought,” said Ralph Cody. She had slowed down and was saying these things to herself, so busy being a famous old

and richly coloured lichens that dotted the rocky outcrops, but she wasn’t sorry not to see the quantities of garbage that surfaced everywhere in the spring. She missed the long grass that shone whitish-gold with a purple tinge in the setting sun; the wild, small, misshapen raspberries sufficient for a modest pie; the occasions when half a dozen Dene children tore up and down the street, tumbling about at midnight, having a loud and happy time. But at the same time she was glad not to have to

then stood marvelling at this simplest of things, a wooden shelf at eye level. Gwen stood in her bathroom, enraptured by the dusky light emanating from the porcelain sink and the warm water flowing from the tap. Eleanor listened spellbound for a moment to the whispering slide of wood on wood when she opened and closed a dresser drawer. Gwen, it was, who phoned Harry to say that no matter what Eleanor thought she wanted, they shouldn’t leave her alone. They arrived at her door soon afterwards,

In general, decent housing was hard to find and rents were atrocious. In her small, anonymous living room, however, she missed the domestic companionship of Eleanor and her roommate. We shared suppers and breakfasts and the stories of our lives, she thought. Dust drifted in through her open window and gathered on the books piled on the floor beside her bed. She wrote her name on the mirror. A block away was the public library, where she’d gone to hear a visiting poet read. To the southeast, a

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