Legally Stoned: 14 Mind-Altering Substances You Can Obtain and Use Without Breaking the Law

Legally Stoned: 14 Mind-Altering Substances You Can Obtain and Use Without Breaking the Law

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Pages: 256

ISBN: 0806531118

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14 Mind-Altering Substances You Can Obtain and Use Without Breaking The Law

"A Euphoric, Crazy Trip."--Amanita muscaria mushroom user

Everyone can get high...biologically speaking, that is. And it's just plain human nature to want to try it. Although the government stands in the way of this basic right, there are ways around the restrictions. On the road to altered consciousness, there's a perfectly legal route. With each of the fourteen psychoactive substances detailed in this book, you can get high, pass a urine drug test, and never once break the law.

"Totally Clear, Intense Hallucinations For Hours."--Ayahuasca user

Legally Stoned provides a clear, practical guide for obtaining and using fourteen of the easiest to acquire, legal mind-altering agents. It also includes a description and history of each item, its chemistry and physiological reactions, accounts of its pleasures and perils, and any risks associated with it. Here are a few legal substances and their reported impact:


   • Amanita muscaria mushroom use leads to feelings of euphoria and auditory hallucinations


   • Anadenanthera peregrina/colubrina seeds have been known to cause intense visions of psychedelic light and color


   • Ayahuasca, which originated in South America, often produces visual hallucinations that include the jungle, exotic animals, even ancient native artwork!

"Like Watching A Laser Light Show.  .  .Next Time I'll Take More."--Colubrina seed user

"Fascinating . . . You are not merely holding a book; you are holding a key to the doors of perception.   Legally Stoned is far more than an excellent, meticulously-researched sourcebook; it is a highly-readable treasure trove of experiments and experiences." --Kinky Friedman, musician, novelist, and politician

"Legally Stoned is a well researched sourcebook for anyone interested in psychoactive substances that are currently legal in the United States. Legally Stoned cites scientific research and personal accounts to provide accurate descriptions of each substance's history, physiological effects, and the risks of use. Legally Stoned also challenges the rationality of the drug laws by describing the methods people often use to obtain and prepare each substance." --Krystle Cole,, author of Lysergic and After the Trip

"I refuse to plunge into paranoid speculation why many of the magical and sacred foods of the gods are made illegal and their communicants vilified. Instead, I bless and give thanks for books such as this, and intelligent and courageous souls such as Dr. Thies for their efforts to keep the doors of perception in full view for all of us to see." --Lon Milo DuQuette, author of My Life with the Spirits and Enochian Vision Magick

"Todd Thies is the new millennium's Timothy Leary.  His book covers the unexplored, mind-blowing universe outside of the DEA's crosshairs with insight and clarity.  Legally Stoned is a fascinating read, a guided journey down the rabbit hole."--M. Chris Fabricant, author of Busted!  Drug War Survival Skills

So while wondering what the effects might be for you, just know that you have the option to obtain and use any of these, and many other, means of seeking a new level of awareness. It's completely legal; it's human nature; it's your right. What are you waiting for?

With 16 pages of photos

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those who have consumed the liquid obtained from Amanita muscaria. Lewis Carrol, the author of Alice in Wonderland, was reportedly influenced by reports of the use of Amanita muscaria. There is a dispute about whether or not he actually used the mushroom, or if he had just read about it. Users of Amanita muscaria report many experiences that are similar to those reported in Alice in Wonderland. In 1979, a religion dedicated to the mushroom was developed. The religion’s founder is an individual

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