Long Shot (Comeback Kids)

Long Shot (Comeback Kids)

Mike Lupica

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0142415200

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of HEAT, TRAVEL TEAM, and MILLION-DOLLAR THROW!

Pedro Morales loves playing basketball, but he's more of a team guy than a star - that would be Ned Hancock, the best player in their entire town. The two boys get along well, but their friendship is threatened when Pedro decides to run against Ned for class president. The election starts to affect their team, and Pedro learns who his real friends are and the best way to work together on and off the court.

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isn’t acting like someone whose team won the game today.” “Is it that obvious?” “Yes,” she said. “It is.” He turned around so he was facing her. “I just feel like I got worse between last season and now,” he said. “And when I got out there today . . . ” He reached up with his right hand like he was trying to find the right words in the air between them. “When I got out there today I was just . . . lost.” “Is it because you didn’t get to start?” Pedro sighed. “Not being in the starting

starting the second half with the first unit. “You know I always ride with the hot man on offense,” Coach said. “Well, today I’m doing the same thing on defense.” Kyle would get loose sometimes in the third quarter, but it would take a screen to do it, sometimes more than one screen on the same play. And even then, Pedro was able to get around the screens and stay with his man, reading what he was doing like he was a book he’d read already. Pedro knew when to give him room and when to get up

the rim to give it a chance. Pedro held his breath as he watched the ball bounce up, come down on the back of the rim, and catch a piece of the backboard before finally dropping through. Shooter’s roll if there ever was one. 48-all. Under a minute now. Pedro couldn’t even remember the last time he felt this good—this happy—on a basketball court. However this game came out. He was a point guard again. Problem was, he was the point guard who should have been the one trying to shut down Nate

soon as he started, Pedro realized that Ned hadn’t prepared a speech. He was clearly making it up as he went along. “You guys all know me, right?” he said, not looking at Pedro, turning toward the audience instead. Pedro could see Jeff Harmon and Dave DeLuca in the front row. “And if you do, you probably know that I pretty much have been captain of every team I’ve ever played on.” He paused for a second, letting that sink in. “I’ve never had to run for captain, it’s just that the other guys on

him to get everybody back involved in the dang game. But no matter how much he tried to swing the ball, once it got to Ned, it stopped, nearly every time. Ned was pressing now, forcing shots, like he was letting everybody know he was going to shoot his way out of this, no matter what. Only he couldn’t. He kept missing. It was why Coach Cory finally took him out at the start of the fourth quarter, saying he wanted to give him a rest. But as cold as Ned had been, the Knights still looked lost

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