Madwoman On The Bridge And Other Stories

Madwoman On The Bridge And Other Stories

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Pages: 306


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Set during the fall-out of the Cultural Revolution, these bizarre and delicate stories capture the collision of the old China of vanished dynasties, with communism and today's tiger economy.
The mad woman on the bridge wears a historical gown which she refuses to take off. In the height of summer she stands madly on the bridge. Until a young female doctor, bewitched by the beauty of the mad woman's dress, plots to take it from her, with tragic consequences.

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persuasive: ‘We know how things work. You must have spent quite a lot of money running around to get this done for us. If you won’t accept even these poor tokens of our gratitude then Meng simply won’t report for work in the zone.’ Only when she had put it so boldly did Papa Qi finally agree to take the cigarettes and the alcohol; but when it came to the razor he exhibited his unconventional side, saying, ‘I’ll accept the razor too, but I won’t take it home with me. If I take it home, I’ll just

the Philips razor lay silent. Since no one had switched it on, it couldn’t possibly be making any noise, and both of them knew that this incident could only be attributed to their own hypersensitive nerves. Meng couldn’t remember at what time – perhaps it was three o’clock, perhaps four, in any case later than Papa Qi usually came – they suddenly heard the sound of a bicycle bell outside. Before Papa Qi knocked on the door he always rang his bicycle bell; it was practically a rule. Meng felt

that the other foot was bare. They had only taken a few steps before Li Yong threw up. A foul liquid spouted from his mouth and splattered onto the floor of the corridor. Miaoyue stopped instinctively, turned her head away and screamed, ‘Yuck!’ The cabin reeked of liquor. Miaoyue waved her hands around in a vain attempt to dispel it, but after a moment gave up. Then she removed a jacket from her travel bag and hurriedly took to her heels. As she passed the bathroom she caught a glimpse of the

of the World will Be Victorious’, written ‘collectively’ by the national philharmonic in reaction to Mao Zedong’s statement in May 1970 for the ‘people of the world to unite, and defeat the American aggressors and their running dogs’. 13 Cai Yi (1906–92), Marxist thinker whose work New Aesthetics contained an influential discussion of the ‘image’. 14 Licheng means ‘Pear City’. About the Author Born in 1963 in Suzhou and now living in Nanjing with his family, Su Tong is one of China’s most

converging on the door to her home. But there was something that frightened Wenqin even more: as well as the missing frog, according to the madwoman’s choked cries, a gemencrusted brooch had also disappeared! In her desperation, Wenqin forgot the madwoman’s precarious state of mind. She poked her in the face with one finger. ‘What brooch? What precious stones? That’s a malicious lie! I’ve never seen you wear any brooch.’ How could Wenqin be anything but flustered? The frog was a small affair –

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