Miss Small Is Off the Wall! (My Weird School, Book 5)

Miss Small Is Off the Wall! (My Weird School, Book 5)

Dan Gutman

Language: English

Pages: 21

ISBN: 2:00215163

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Something weird is going on!

Miss Small, the gym teacher, is teaching A.J., Andrea, and the gang to juggle scarves, balance feathers, and do the Chicken Dance! Is this any way to stay in shape? Whatever happened to dodgeball?

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after walking about a hundred miles, we reached the gym. It’s this giant room with a basketball hoop at each end. “Miss Small?” called Miss Daisy. “Are you here?” Nobody answered, but there was an echo in the gym so we could hear Miss Daisy’s words over and over again when they bounced off the walls. “Miss Small?…Miss Small?…Miss Small?…Miss Small?…Are you here?…Are you here?…Are you here?” It was cool. “Hello!” I yelled. The gym yelled back, “Hello!…Hello!…Hello!…Hello!…Hello!” “Echo!”

Ella Mentry School. I’ve been waiting forever until I got to second grade, when we would have Fizz Ed. “Okay, everybody, it’s time to line up,” my teacher, Miss Daisy, announced one morning after we pledged the allegiance. “Line up for what?” we all asked. “Fizz Ed!” Miss Daisy said. “We’re going to meet Miss Small in the gym.” “Yippee!” 2 Smarty-pants and Dumbhead “Yippee!” I shouted. “Hooray!” shouted my friends Ryan and Michael. We all whooped and hollered and high-fived

has a headache,” I said, “or maybe it’s my head that has a tummy ache.” Everybody laughed, even though I didn’t say anything funny. “I know a cure for that,” said Miss Daisy. “Really?” I said. “Sure. You’ll feel fine after an hour of Fizz Ed.” We walked the million hundred miles to the gym. It was a really hot day, and I was already tired when we got there. “Is everybody ready to play a game?” Miss Small asked. She was jumping up and down with excitement, like some little kid who never

the gym. We figured that’s where Miss Small would be during recess. “Shh!” Andrea said as we snuck around the corner. “If Principal Klutz catches us, we could be in big trouble.” Me and Michael and Ryan got down on our hands and knees and pretended to be undercover agents on a secret police mission. It was cool. Finally we reached the back door to the gym. “We may have to pick the lock like they always do in police movies,” Ryan whispered. “Then they run inside and shout, ‘Freeze, dirtbags!’”

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