Mom I'm All Right: Confessions of a Former Stripper

Mom I'm All Right: Confessions of a Former Stripper

Monica Mendez

Language: English

Pages: 33

ISBN: 0978138074

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Former adult star and stripper, Monica Mendez takes us inside the world of sex, money and celebrities. What do strippers do in the backroom? Are they turned on by the customers? How much money do they really make?

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girls have no right to judge. Just like the old saying goes, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” MOM, I REALLY AM OK When I started to write this book, one word kept creeping into my thoughts—Honesty. No matter what I was going to be honest. I figured, not everyone has to agree with or enjoy this book; I just have to be real with myself. One thing this job has given me is some thick fucking skin. I want people to know the truth about this gig, good or bad. A lot of

would take a napkin and place it as if it were a tablecloth by opening it up and then spreading it across the bar. He would carefully place each candy in its designated spot, like a colorful candy platter at your grandmother’s Easter dinner. I would watch him do this night after night, while letting my imagination wander. Why is he here? Does he have anyone in his life other than the men and women that work in this club, and is he happy? Sometimes I would just watch him from across the room,

damn thing looked cross-eyed and there was stuffing popping out everywhere. It looked like he ran it over with a tractor before he came in. It turns out the bunny represents Leroy’s heterosexual side because he, himself, is gay. Not just gay, but on fire like the San Fernando Valley mid-summer gay. The girls do dances for the bunny and he talks to it while they do, asking if the bunny “likes that” and “wants some more”. The entire time Lucky is telling me this, she seems completely unaffected by

some. Wake up moron. Just because you have to get up in the morning and hear your nagging wife whining about how you can’t please her and you can’t do this or that, then sit in rush-hour traffic to get to a job you absolutely can’t stand, and then come in to the club only to spend all that hard earned money on little ‘ol me while I lie to your face about how good looking you are, is no reason to get feisty. Now, who’s the idiot in this scenario Einstein? We all go through hard times in our life,

lend you my stuff sweetie,” she said, with a devilish grin—Sabrina was quite the little spitfire. I thought to myself “This is really fucked up,” but after hearing her sit at stage all night saying things like “Don’t tip her, she’s got a hideous boob job” or “Look at her rolls, ugh”, it was payback time! Each of us took it upon ourselves to decorate this girl like a stripper Christmas tree. Fishnet this, leather that—you get the picture and then—it was SHOWTIME! All the girls gathered around the

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