Monty Python at Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Account of the Making of the TV and Stage Shows, Films, Books and Albums

Monty Python at Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Account of the Making of the TV and Stage Shows, Films, Books and Albums

Michael Palin

Language: English

Pages: 159

ISBN: 2:00339247

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawn from his published diaries, this is Michael Palin's account of the making of the Monty Python TV and stage shows, films, books and albums.

Monty Python at Work opens on 8th July 1969 with Michael Palin's diary entry for the first day of filming on the very first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The diary entries that follow – up until the opening of their final feature film, The Meaning of Life, in 1983 – chart the tumultuous story of how the now famous shows and films were conceived and brought to life.

Palin records the evolution of Monty Python's comic style, the moments of creative inspiration as well as discord, the persistent self-doubt, and the happy accidents that shaped what are now classic comedy moments.

He captures too the group's many anarchic exploits (John Cleese in a bikini; driving a Budget Rent-a-Van up Glencoe in full chainmail; filming 'Scott of the Sahara' on the beach at Torquay...), as well as their battles with BBC suits, budget-conscious film producers and self-appointed censors.

Thanks to Palin's as-it-happened accounts, we are taken behind the scenes to watch with unrivalled intimacy the creative processes that led to the finished work, seeing how it was actually put together. By distilling everything about the Pythons at work, this edition of Palin's diaries serves as an intimate guide to the legendary shows, films, books and albums. It will delight Python fans everywhere, and be a source of instruction and inspiration to those who seek to follow in their footsteps.

'No writer-performer has combined professional hilarity and personal sanity more successfully than Michael Palin. Anyone interested in how comedy happens should hang on his every word.' David Mitchell

'Michael Palin's rollercoaster account of Python's glory years' The Stage

'Palin is a natural diarist and this amusing and barmy collection of day-by-day extracts gives a peek into the creative process of the comedy troupe' Daily Mail

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be some negotiation, but first can we tell them the points in the two other shows which we would be prepared to talk over. Here Osterberg starts to play the impatience game. And quite rightly. He insists, on behalf of his clients, of course, that ABC must first agree to restore all the eight cuts which we regard as non-negotiable. And here they baulk, and the lady lawyer looks more and more desperate, and the zombie walks out and leaves her to us, just as Shanks has earlier ditched him.

Street, between Second and Third Avenue, No. 242.2 Thursday, April 8th, New York A twenty-five-minute walk across town to our rehearsal room near Broadway. Big, functional, mirrored rehearsal room. Bad news of the day is that Eric has been ill in bed since yesterday. Wednesday, April 14th, New York One of those totally gruelling days that only happen in the theatre and, if they didn’t have to happen, the theatre would invent them. Eric came in – he’s all right. 10.00 into the theatre. An

came up. They are talking of offering us something by way of recompense but would probably insist on a secrecy clause. John C resisted this idea for a bit, but when told that the alternative was a possible two-year wait for a court hearing, he agreed quite sharply. Wednesday, October 4th, Monastir A long and arduous morning in Matthias’s house. John Stanier is strapped into his Steadicam harness, which makes him look like a walking dentist’s console. John C takes Reg at a frenetic pitch, which

our attitude to censorship, on which there is total agreement within the group that we do not and will not change anything because we’re told to, unless we happen to agree that it isn’t funny anyway. We’re all happy to go to court in defence of the movie. Monday, June 4th, Los Angeles We drive out to Burbank Studios to talk to a small contingent (eight or nine) of Warner Bros marketing people. Some of us, TJ especially, are concerned over the American fundamentalist Baptist backlash – after

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