Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Marion Roberts

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1741758599

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sunny Hathaway—introvert, entrepreneur, inventor, poet, dog lover, and lateral thinker—has a lot on her plate. She's moving to a new house, dealing with step-siblings, and starting a dog entertainment business too.
Sunny and her expertly blended, thoroughly modern family are moving into her grandmother's old mansion, Windermere. Sunny wins the turret bedroom from her step-siblings (using her powers of reverse psychology), but is soon tangled up in mischief involving bored dogs, a cranky old gardener, an angel sighting, a match-making mission, and a boy who knits. To make matters worse, over at her dad's house, Sunny's baby half-sister Flora has turned the world upside-down, and Steph can't seem to find a way to turn it right-side-up again. Even with a sunny disposition, storm clouds can gather on the horizon, and this winter Sunny must find ways to offer warmth and shelter to those she cares for most.

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whole day with her nose squished under the gate like that – it was undignified. ‘Willow!’ I said as I opened the gate. ‘Hello, girl. I’m home, and it’s holidays!’ She was crouching down on her back legs like a wind-up toy, ready to spring into action. I could tell she was trying her best not to jump up on me because ever since Mum went feral at her for tearing her favourite silk-velvet stockings, Willow’s been clawing at people’s legs far less. ‘Come on, girl!’ I said, dropping my backpack near

ask you to go and get the whiteboard?’ ‘Come on, Lyall,’ I said, wanting an excuse to leave the room. ‘I’ll help.’ Once the three guests arrived, and Mum and Carl were occupied in the library, Lyall and Saskia and I went up to Lyall’s room and finished our brochures for Boredom Control. All we had to do was print some off and we’d be ready to deliver in the morning. After the meeting, Carl came upstairs to let us know the guests had gone, which was my cue to start the clearing up.

notice that Saskia licked her knife with practically every mouthful, or that I fed most of my broccoli to Willow under the table. ‘So, Lyall,’ Mum said. ‘What did the Archers’ have to say about Banjo when you dropped him back. Did you happen to mention that he’d bitten Sunny?’ (I’d had to tell Mum about the bite, but luckily she hadn’t jumped on the injection idea.) ‘Sort of,’ said Lyall sheepishly. Mum gave him an impatient glare. What exactly does sort of mean, Lyall? What did you sort of

four in the afternoon. I slipped my key into the lock and opened the door as quietly as I could, in case Flora was sleeping. Guff was in exactly the same position as she had been last time – cooking meals for the freezer. ‘Sunny!’ she said, washing her hands. ‘Hey, Guff,’ I whispered. ‘What’s cooking this time?’ ‘Well, it’s one of those daggy old seventies favourites from the Women’s Weekly Cookbook – apricot chicken.’ ‘Yum,’ I said pulling open the pantry doors. ‘I love a fork dish. Where is

could keep her eyes shut while he led the way. ‘Hey, you two! I’ve only just started the tour. Wait up.’ ‘Yeah, well, I’m kind of ready to have a tour of the garden!’ said Lyall. ‘Me too!’ said Saskia. I ran ahead of them to regain control as tour operator, and because I could tell Willow was keen to get outside, meaning that at any moment she might be prone to having an accident, which in her case means wee. There was a huge old key in the back door, which I was finding difficult to unlock.

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