Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School, Book 12)

Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School, Book 12)

Dan Gutman

Language: English

Pages: 22


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Something weird is going on!

Ms. Todd is subbing, and A.J. and his friends are sure she kidnapped Miss Daisy so she could take over her job. They’re going to have to do the detective work to get the goods on her. But it won’t be easy! Ms. Todd is the weirdest substitute teacher in the history of the world!

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He’s nuts. Ms. Todd waved and smiled a big smiley face just like Andrea. She looked really young. Mr. Klutz said that Ms. Todd was a brand-new teacher and told us to be extra nice to her. Then he left. “Hello!” said Ms. Todd, all cheery. Well, at least she talked like a regular person. Our bus driver, Mrs. Kormel, speaks in a secret language. Instead of saying “hello” like everybody else, she says, “Bingle boo.” Mrs. Kormel is not normal. “Hi, Ms. Todd,” said little Miss Gifted and Talented.

tagged me. “Oooooh!” Ryan said. “A.J. is in Andrea’s circle of friends. They must be in love!” “When are you gonna get married?” asked Michael. I wanted to punch them, but I didn’t want Ms. Todd to write anything else down on that dumb piece of paper. “See?” said Ms. Todd. “You can have fun without being competitive!” We played that dumb circle of friends game for about a million hundred hours. It was horrible. I thought I was gonna die. Luckily Emily fell down and started crying as

you say will be used against you.” “You’re a bunch of little monsters!” Ms. Todd yelled. “I quit! I don’t want to be a teacher anymore!” Then she ran out the door. It was cool. You should have been there. Ms. Todd is odd. 9 The Truth About Ms. Todd After Ms. Todd ran away, none of us said anything for a million hundred seconds. I had never heard of a sub who freaked out and went nuts before. And we got to see it live and in person. But now that killer robot clone was on the

for Miss Daisy!” “Of course not, dumbhead!” said Andrea. “Ms. Todd was writing a children’s book! She was going to call it My Wacky School! And it was going to be about our class! We could have been famous! You messed it up, A.J. Now, thanks to you, everything is ruined.” “So is your face,” I said. Well, maybe Ms. Todd wasn’t a robot after all. But she was a terrible teacher. And she murdered Miss Daisy, who was nice. I wouldn’t want to be in some dumb children’s book anyway. 10 Our

dressing room,” Andrea said. What is her problem? Why can’t a giant box full of T-shirts fall on her head? “I just got a call from Miss Daisy,” Mr. Klutz told us. “She’s not feeling well today. So you’ll have Ms. Todd as your substitute teacher. She’ll be here any minute.” Mr. Klutz said he would go to the office to greet Ms. Todd. He told us to be on our best behavior while he was gone. So as soon as Mr. Klutz left the room, me and Michael and Ryan got up and shook our butts at the class.

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