Nights Below Station Street

Nights Below Station Street

David Adams Richards

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 0771076274

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Adams Richards’ Governor General’s Award-winning novel is a powerful tale of resignation and struggle, fierce loyalties and compassion. This book is the first in Richards’ acclaimed Miramichi trilogy. Set in a small mill town in northern New Brunswick, it draws us into the lives of a community of people who live there, including: Joe Walsh, isolated and strong in the face of a drinking problem; his wife, Rita, willing to believe the best about people; and their teenage daughter Adele, whose nature is rebellious and wise, and whose love for her father wars with her desire for independence. Richards’ unforgettable characters are linked together in conflict, and in articulate love and understanding. Their plight as human beings is one we share.

From the Hardcover edition.

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when Rita needed him to baby-sit, his nerves were bad; that is, she was going out with people he felt had made fun of him and he felt one drink would make everything all right. Well, all I need is one drink, he thought to himself. One beer. What’s a beer – it is nothing – a beer is nothing – it’s not going to be like last time – yes last time –” And with these thoughts he went back and forth and looked out the window nervously – convinced at this instant that he would not drink. Or if he did

down, and then they would head off home again. By the time they got home, Rita would have supper ready and Adele would have already disappeared downtown with Cindi. They would all have supper; Rita would get ready and go curling, which she had started to do this fall, and Joe would do the dishes and wait for Adele to come home. Usually he had a meeting at eight o’clock and Adele would make it in anywhere from ten to eight until ten after. She would come in and he would be able to tell

something to eat to keep this family from starving right to death,” she said to him. “Yer not going to wear that goddamn doughboy-looking thing out, are you, darlin?” he said shivering and stuttering. “I wear what I have to to keep my ear from bleeding right to death – it’s just like the same when I was in Brownies and you come home drunk and mauled all my cookies,” Adele said, and she left the house. When Rita’s brothers got up, Joe looked at them and smiled weakly. They both mooched about

apartment when we play. …” Ralphie started to explain. “Well, you give me a part of Africa and I’ll give you a toe hold in South America,” Myhrra said. Adele was still standing over the board, blinking her shortsighted eyes (she refused to get her eyes checked, because she was scared she would have to wear glasses). Finally when they had the pieces all placed, and their armies faced each other, Joe had first roll of the dice. Since he and Rita’s armies were closest to Myhrra’s, Joe turned to

gentle smell of woodchips and wine. She thought of his son at home who dressed in a blue suit jacket and sat in the porch. More than anything, Vera wanted to become like this old man. She was, above all, a shy person, and would not sit on a saw and spread her legs out into the snow like she did, peeling an orange and nodding her head, with anyone she did not trust. There was a loud crash in the bay. There was the smell of smoke lingering in the bare trees, with the bud tips wet and lonely.

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