Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt

Henrik Ibsen

Language: English

Pages: 119

ISBN: 1481140957

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Among the masterpieces of world literature, this great verse drama by Norway's famed playwright humorously yet profoundly explores the virtues, vices, and follies common to all humanity as it follows the roguish life of a charming but arrogant young man. A literary delight since it was first published in 1875.

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unmendable finger! Right off! And with no one compelling him to it! Ho’, now I remember! It’s only thus you can ’scape from having to serve the King. That’s it. They wanted to send him soldiering, and of course the lad didn’t want to go.— But to chop off——? To sever for good and all——? Ay, think of it—wish it done—will it to boot,— but do it——! No, that’s past my understanding! [Shakes his head a little; then goes on with his work.] SCENE SECOND [A room in ÅSE’s house. Everything in

such a leap——! [Stops suddenly, looks at him open-mouthed and wide-eyed; cannot find words for some time, but at last bursts out:] Oh, you devil’s story-teller, Cross of Christ, how you can lie! All this screed you foist upon me, I remember now, I knew it when I was a girl of twenty. Gudbrand Glesnë it befell, never you, you—— PEER. Me as well. Such a thing can happen twice. ÅSE [exasperated]. Yes, a lie, turned topsy-turvy, can be prinked and tinselled out, decked in plumage new

garments]. The Emperor’s sacred robes are stolen! AN OFFICER [enters]. A hundred stripes upon the foot-soles for all who fail to catch the robber! [The troopers mount their horses, and gallop away in every direction.] SCENE FOURTH [Daybreak. The grove of acacias and palms.] [PEER GYNT in his tree with a broken branch in his hand, trying to beat off a swarm of monkeys.] PEER. Confound it! A most disagreeable night. [Laying about him.] Are you there again? This is most accursëd! Now

[To the BOATSWAIN, who is passing.] Hark, a word with you, friend! That passenger? What crazy creature is he? THE BOATSWAIN. I know of no passenger here but yourself. PEER. No others? This thing’s getting worse and worse. [To the SHIP’s BOY, who comes out of the cabin.] Who went down the companion just now? THE BOY. The ship’s dog, sir! [Passes on.] THE LOOK-OUT [shouts]. Land close ahead! PEER. Where’s my box? Where’s my trunk? All the baggage on deck! THE BOATSWAIN. We

frolic!— But how about mother, perched up on the mill-house—— [His eyes are drawn downwards again; he leaps and laughs.] Hei, how the Halling flies over the green! Ay, Guttorm, he can make his fiddle speak out! It gurgles and booms like a foss o’er a scaur. And then all that glittering bevy of girls!— Yes, galloping death, I must join in the frolic! [Leaps over the fence and goes down the road.] SCENE THIRD [The farm-place at Hegstad. In the background, the dwelling-house. A THRONG OF

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