Picnic Plus 3: 4 Plays by William Inge - Come Back, Little Sheba; Picnic; Bus Stop; The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Picnic Plus 3: 4 Plays by William Inge - Come Back, Little Sheba; Picnic; Bus Stop; The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

William Inge

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 2:00285204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This title collects four plays by American playwright William Inge, including Come Back Little Sheba, Picnic, Bus Stop, and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs.

The Jungle Law

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Volpone and Other Plays

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into the kitchen. He carries a big bottle of whiskey which he carefully places back in the pantry, not making a sound, hangs up overcoat, then puts suitcoat on back of chair. Starts to go upstairs. But LOLA speaks) Doc? That you, Doc? (Then DOC quietly walks in from kitchen. He is staggering drunk, but he is managing for a few minutes to appear as though he were perfectly sober and nothing had happened. His steps, however, are not too sure and his eyes are like blurred ink pots. LOLA is too

FLO    This is a busy day for us. We have no time to loaf. (There is a quick glance between HAL and FLO, as though each sized up the other as a potential threat) HAL    You the mother? FLO    Yes. You better run along now. HAL    Like you say, lady. It’s your house. (With a shrug of the shoulders, he saunters off stage) FLO    Has Helen Potts taken in another tramp? MADGE    I don’t see why he’s a tramp just because Mrs. Potts gave him breakfast. FLO    I’m going to speak to her about the

tell me you plan to go to Topeka tomorrow? ELMA    (Looking at clock) You mean today. Yes. I have a ticket to hear the Kansas City Symphony. They come to Topeka every year to give a concert. DR. LYMAN    (Feeling his way) You say … you stay with your sister there? ELMA    Yes, then I take an early morning bus back here, in time for school Monday. Then after school, I come here to work for Grace. DR. LYMAN    (Obviously he is angling for something) Didn’t you say there was a university in

from outside) Hey, Mr. Flood. Jonsey says your tire’s ready at the garage. RUBIN    O.K., Ed, I’ll be down to get it. CORA    (Coming downstairs) Rubin, you’ve waited this long to go, why don’t you wait now until morning? Here it is almost suppertime. You won’t be able to see any customers tonight, no matter where you go. Wait until morning. I’ll get up early and fix you breakfast. I’ll fix you biscuits, Rubin. RUBIN    I shoulda been out first thing this mornin’. Monday, and I’m just gettin’

you can go to all the parties you like. SONNY    Can I? SAMMY    Sure. Now, I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll gather up all the favors I can find at the party. Want me to? And I’ll give them to your sister to bring home to you. And then you can have a party here all by yourself. Would you like that? You can throw a big party in Sammy’s honor, without any old grownups around to interfere. Will that make you happy? SONNY    Yes, yes. SAMMY    O.K. Are we still buddies? SONNY    Yes.

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