Plays 2

Plays 2

Harold Pinter

Language: English

Pages: 233

ISBN: 2:00261743

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The second volume of Harold Pinter's collected work includes The Caretaker.

The Caretaker

It was with this play that Harold Pinter had his first major success. The obsessive caretaker, Davies, is a classic comic creation, and his uneasy relationship with the enigmatic Aston and Mick a landmark in twentieth-century drama.

'The play remains a masterpiece.' Daily Telegraph

The Collection

This one-act play for television explores the sexual manoeuvres between two couples in the clothing trade.

'Taps the adrenal flow of contemporary guilt and anxiety.' Time

The Lover

Richard and Sarah conduct themselves with apparent respectability in the mornings, whilst living out a sequence of erotic rituals in the afternoons.

'Beautifully written... the sexiest play I remember seeing on the television.' Sunday Times

The volume also includes Night School and The Dwarfs, plus five revue sketches written during the same period.

Who Was William Shakespeare: An Introduction to the Life and Works


Writing the Short Film (3rd Edition)

The Collected Plays

Housebreaking: A Novel

















(Looking about.) Uuh.… ASTON. Just a minute. ASTON looks around for a chair, sees one lying on its side by the rolled carpet at the fireplace, and starts to get it out. DAVIES. Sit down? Huh … I haven’t had a good sit down … I haven’t had a proper sit down … well, I couldn’t tell you.… ASTON (placing the chair). Here you are. DAVIES. Ten minutes off for a tea-break in the middle of the night in that place and I couldn’t find a seat, not one. All them Greeks had it, Poles, Greeks,

She glances at him and away. Excuse me, have you got a light? She does not respond. Do you happen to have a light? SARAH. Do you mind leaving me alone? MAX. Why? Pause. I’m merely asking if you can give me a light. She moves from him and looks up and down the room. He follows to her shoulder. She turns back. SARAH. Excuse me. She moves past him. Close, his body follows. She stops. I don’t like being followed. MAX. Just give me a light and I won’t bother you. That’s all I

Why? Because of my husband? Not because of my husband, I hope. That’s going a little far, I think. MAX. No, nothing to do with your husband. It’s because of my wife. Pause. SARAH. Your wife? MAX. I can’t deceive her any longer. SARAH. Max … MAX. I’ve been deceiving her for years. I can’t go on with it. It’s killing me. SARAH. But darling, look – MAX. Don’t touch me. Pause. SARAH. What did you say? MAX. You heard. Pause. SARAH. But your wife … knows. Doesn’t she? You’ve

my case? ANNIE. You can put it in the hall. WALTER. The hall? That means I’ll have to keep running out to the hall whenever I want anything. Pause. I can’t live in these conditions for long. I’m used to something better. I’m used to privacy. I could have her walking in here any time of the day or night. This is the living-room. I don’t want to share my meals with a stranger. ANNIE. She only has bed and breakfast. I take it up to her room. WALTER. What does she have? ANNIE. She has a

table carefully. SECOND: You see that one come up and speak to me at the counter? She takes the bread plates off the bowls, takes two spoons from her pocket, and places the bowls, plates and spoons. FIRST: You got the bread, then? SECOND: I didn’t know how I was going to carry it. In the end I put the plates on top of the soup. FIRST: I like a bit of bread with my soup. They begin the soup. Pause. SECOND: Did you see that one come up and speak to me at the counter? FIRST: Who?

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