Plays 3: Skylight/Amy's View/The Judas Kiss/My Zinc Bed

Plays 3: Skylight/Amy's View/The Judas Kiss/My Zinc Bed

David Hare

Language: English

Pages: 333

ISBN: 2:00266280

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is a new collection of some of David Hare's finest work, including Skylight (Winner of the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play, 1996), Amy's View, The Judas Kiss and My Zinc Bed.

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A cat may look at a king. Paul waits, lost for the purpose of the visit. Of course the market gets to me. Of course it does. Why would it not? The humiliation of being judged by people who know nothing. Not for myself. Believe me, I’m not upset for myself. Paul   ‘No? Victor   ‘The money I lose is immaterial. If the business goes belly-up I’m still a rich man. Paul   ‘Can it go belly-up? Victor   ‘I have my creature comforts. My house, my wife … Paul   ‘Yes. Victor   ‘As you know.

quietly confident. Bosie   I would like to talk to you, Oscar. Wilde   Talk to me? Bosie, truly! You hardly need ask. Bosie   No? Wilde   Of course not. Come talk. Bosie   I had an impression from Robbie … Wilde   What impression? Wilde looks between them. Bosie   Robbie implied that your wish was that I should step back. Wilde   I would never wish that. Bosie   Why, thank you. Ross is momentarily discomforted by their contact. Ross   I was saying … I was saying only that

excellent dauphinoise potatoes. Wilde   Do you recall if I have eaten those before?  Moffatt   Yes, sir. Wilde   And were they not heavy? Are they not more suitably a dinnertime dish? Ross   All right, eat all you like. Just as long as you are quick. But there are things I must tell you. I have to remind you I have been to your house. The atmosphere is changed at once. Wilde looks thoughtfully at Ross. Moffatt, alert to the mood, bows tactfully. Moffatt   We shall go, sir. I shall

what they say I am? Wilde   You are not. Bosie   They disregard my poetry. They disregard my status. Wilde   Indeed. Bosie   Your poetical equal, you said. You have said it in print. Your equal. Wilde   Just so. Bosie waits, wanting more. It is true. I have said it. You are one of the greatest poets in England. Bosie   One of? One of? Wilde   Well let us allow that Swinburne is living. Let us allow that Swinburne is alive. Bosie   Swinburne? Wilde   I know. But there is a

her down. She has got a bottle of red wine and has begun to open it. People started stealing her car. It was sort of a challenge or something. We think it must have been some of the kids. Then they broke into her flat. She lost her stereo. Also they got hold of her cat. She came back one night. The cat had been baked in the oven. She began to feel it was time to move on. She got a better job, you know, down in Dulwich. Toby   Dulwich is nicer. Kyra   Yes, I think she probably felt that as

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