Plays 4

Plays 4

Harold Pinter

Language: English

Pages: 243

ISBN: 2:00261745

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Harold Pinter was born in London in 1930. He lived with Antonia Fraser from 1975 and they married in 1980. In 1995 he won the David Cohen British Literature Prize, awarded for a lifetime's achievement in literature. In 1996 he was given the Laurence Olivier Award for a lifetime's achievement in theatre. In 2002 he was made a Companion of Honour for services to literature. In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and, in the same year, the Wilfred Owen Award for Poetry and the Franz Kafka Award (Prague).

What Every Woman Knows

Teatro breve del Siglo de Oro: Loas y entremeses (Penguin Clásicos)

Three Major Plays (Oxford World's Classics)

The Prince Of Beers

















Did you get the joke? You know I never touch alcohol. I like being in this enormous city, all by myself. I expect to make friends in the not too distant future. I expect to make girlfriends too. I expect to meet a very nice girl. Having met her, I shall bring her home to meet my mother. I like walking in this enormous city, all by myself. It’s fun to know no one at all. When I pass people in the street they don’t realise that I don’t know them from Adam. They know other people and even more

sitting on a chair. Two men (DES and LIONEL) looking at him. DES Do you want to know something about this man? LIONEL What? DES He hasn’t got any idea at all of what we’re going to do to him. LIONEL He hasn’t, no. DES He hasn’t, no. He hasn’t got any idea at all about any one of the number of things that we might do to him. LIONEL That we will do to him. DES That we will. Pause. Well, some of them. We’ll do some of them. LIONEL Sometimes we do all of them. DES

JERRY And she told you … last night … about her and me. Did she not? ROBERT No, she didn’t. She didn’t tell me about you and her last night. She told me about you and her four years ago. Pause. So she didn’t have to tell me again last night. Because I knew. And she knew I knew because she told me herself four years ago. Silence. JERRY What? ROBERT I think I will sit down. He sits. I thought you knew. JERRY Knew what? ROBERT That I knew. That I’ve known for years. I

have no such authority. Nothing has ever happened to me. Nothing has ever happened to any of my friends. I have never suffered. Nor have my friends. DEVLIN Good. Pause. Shall we talk more intimately? Let’s talk about more intimate things, let’s talk about something more personal, about something within your own immediate experience. I mean, for example, when the hairdresser takes your head in his hands and starts to wash your hair very gently and to massage your scalp, when he does that,

fellow diners. Now this is very unusual for me. Normally I feel – as I’ve just said – absolutely malice and hatred towards everyone within spitting distance – but here I feel love. How do you explain it? SUKI It’s the ambience. RICHARD Yes, I think ambience is that intangible thing that cannot be defined. RUSSELL Quite right. SUKI It is intangible. You’re absolutely right. RUSSELL Absolutely. RICHARD That is absolutely right. But it does – I would freely admit – exist. It’s

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