Plays: One

Plays: One

Jez Butterworth

Language: English

Pages: 245

ISBN: 2:00322265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Four full-length plays and two previously unpublished shorts from the multi-award-winning author of Jerusalem.

Jez Butterworth burst onto the theatre scene aged twenty-five with Mojo, ‘one of the most dazzling Royal Court main stage debuts in years’ (Time Out). This first volume of his Collected Plays contains that play plus the three that followed, as well as two short one-person pieces published here for the first time – everything in fact that precedes Jerusalem, ‘unarguably one of the best dramas of the twenty-first century’ (Guardian).

Plays One includes: Mojo, The Night Heron, The Winterling, Leavings (previously unpublished), Parlour Song and The Naked Eye (previously unpublished).

Introducing the plays is an interview with Jez Butterworth specially conducted for this volume.

'The verbal menace of Harold Pinter [combined with] the physical violence of Quentin Tarantino' The Times on Mojo

'It's funny, it's sad, it's haunting and it is also strangely beautiful. Best of all, it is quite unlike anything you have seen before' Telegraph on The Night Heron

'Dazzling' Guardian on The Winterling

'Wickedly funny' Financial Times on Parlour Song

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left. SKINNY. Yeah you’ve picked ’em up. POTTS. Yeah but we haven’t looked. SKINNY. Null bet. Null bet. POTTS. Jeeez. Nice to be trusted. SWEETS. You should be a bit more trusting. SKINNY. I watch my back all right. SWEETS. You should be a bit more trusting my son. SKINNY. I watch my back all right. Pause. POTTS. You get any sandwiches? SKINNY. Mickey gave me a fiver. I spent it on a small gun. SWEETS. Eat the cake. POTTS. I’ve eaten the cake. SWEETS. Eat the cake. It’s got... It’s

doing anything. I wasn’t doing anything. I was only trying to help. You twat. You didn’t have to... Look. Look at all this blood. Look at all this fucking blood. SWEETS. We’ve got to get a doctor. MICKEY. Skinny sit down. SWEETS. Sit down. SKINNY. Look. I’ve got... I’ve fucked up my new trousers. I’ve got blood on my new trousers. MICKEY. Try to relax. Get a towel. SWEETS. Sid take your shirt off. SKINNY. Fucking great. Fucking great. What if I die. What if I die eh? Did you think of that?

Characters in order of appearance SILVER JOHNNY, seventeen SWEETS, early twenties POTTS, early twenties BABY, twenties SKINNY, early twenties MICKEY, thirties Act One takes place upstairs at Ezra’s Atlantic in Dean Street, Soho, July 1958. Act Two takes place downstairs in the club and starts around 6 p.m. on the same day. ACT ONE Scene One Upstairs at the Atlantic. SILVER JOHNNY stands alone. We hear the drums, the thudding bass, the screams from the club below. SILVER JOHNNY

do anything not to go to bed. So I went along, and sat at the back and I’m listening to them get up one after the other. And this one read out the first one I understood. And also, he looked quite small, so I followed him in the gents. And we chatted a bit. Then I asked him about what Corpus Christi meant, and before he could answer I gave him a left-hander then I stuffed him in the Golf. WATTMORE. Oh no. Oh no. BOLLA. I borrowed your recorder Jess. I hope you don’t mind. GRIFFIN. Why won’t he

the car wash, some spotty little orc in a brand-new Boxster. And the nine-year-olds. We had stinkbombs and snappits. This lot’ve got crossbows. Muskets. Poison darts. So I said to Ned, check your locks and windows, mate. Could be a sneak thief. Someone from over there. From Middle Earth, some twelve-year-old can inch in through a bog window. Some four-stone kid they can grease up and feed in through the letterbox. But Ned said, why would someone steal a stamp collection and leave the Xbox. Walk

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