Q's Legacy

Q's Legacy

Helene Hanff

Language: English

Pages: 177

ISBN: 0140089365

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This ebullient memoir chronicles the author's lifelong love of books, which began with Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch's ''The Art of Writing'' and developed with works by Izaak Walton, Cardinal Newman, and Milton
Title: Q's Legacy
Author: Hanff, Helene
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Publication Date: 1986/08/01
Number of Pages:
Binding Type: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress: 86000848

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the Depression and us to contend with, and she was too chronically tired to be angry. She just looked confused and mildly resentful and she sent one of the girls for Mr. Mr. Smoter taught Business English. He was also young and good-looking and I had a crush on him. Mr. Smoter came and was duly consulted Smoter to settle the matter. about "I cannot help but think." "Well, it's not good grammar," he admitted reluctantly, with the eyes of the class glued on him. "It's a double

New York and my moved moved with me. The Theatre Guild was Broadway's most distinguished producing organization, so committed to producing plays for their artistic merit rather that than their commercial appeal Broadway columnists dubbed it 'The Thitter Geeld." But the year of the seminar, the Guild's luck seemed to have run out. It produced five straight flops. Terry Helburn, one of the two Guild producers, me her protegee, and two years 1 later she gave me made a job

stardom, she was still salty and pithy and down-to-earth. Now she said on the phone, "I'm giving an Oklahoma! reunion. I'm inviting everybody who was connected in any three hundred so far. way with any of the companies Are you good on your feet? Can you come and give a shorter version of the Oklahoma! story you told in Un- — derfoot in Show Business^' — the anni- on March 31 and I had to versary of the show's opening The reunion was to be held — be in the hospital that day. 140

two plays that hadn't gone down the incin- erator. I'd kept "This home than to fight a sense She told television. I had life. Early in the following winter I I And an I thought, staring at old line dropped into it. my "I can't write head: good honest prose, these notions are about as useful as the wind in the next street." Where had I read that? Oh, Q. He was talking about German literary criticism, if I remembered right. I probably didn't. I hadn't read Q in years. And then I

walking definition of the word "svelte." Dolores, who was a Harper's copy editor, was small and bespectacled like me, and behind her glasses her eyes were wide with apprehension. She was convinced that one wrong word from her during the hearing would get Gene instantly deported to Communist China. All the way to Brooklyn we shouted questions at Gene the appointed morning, I over the screech of the subway. "BILL OF RIGHTS?" shouted Dolores. "FIRST TEN AMENDMENTS. I KNOW THEM!" said Gene.

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