Quest for the Queen (Secrets of Droon #10)

Quest for the Queen (Secrets of Droon #10)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0439207843

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A hidden door. A magical staircase. Discover the world of Droon!

Keeah is in disguise in strange territory, learning what she needs to know to bring her mother back to freedom. Fortunately, her friends from the Upper World arrive to give her a helping hand-and a head start in the Droon Games!

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magic in the woods today. Queen Relna is nearby, but she is not safe. An unknown creature is following her invisibly.” Ortha drew in her breath sharply. “Our forest was never meant to be the battleground of evil forces. But we cannot delay the Quest.” They passed from the room and out onto a balcony overlooking the vast forest. Below the palace, on the forest floor, was a large open arena. In the center was a field. A great throng of people and strange creatures from every corner of Droon were

as the place where the Quest would end. It is on the island that the winner will find the prize.” “But you must be quick!” said Max. “The island appears for only a few moments before it vanishes again — for another seven years!” “Another secret of Droon,” Julie said. “Neat!” “But what is the prize?” asked Eric. “A gold medal? A trophy? Treasure?” Galen shook his head. “Many legends have grown up about the prize. But it is something worth far more than gold or jewels. For the one meant to win,

face in the sink was gone. The water was just water. Eric dashed back to class and slid into his seat between Julie and Neal. “I just saw Galen floating in the bathroom sink!” he whispered. “How did he fit in there?” Julie asked. “No! I mean, his face was in the soap!” “Eric,” said Mrs. Michaels, giving him a stern look. “We’ll start our math quiz now.” She passed out the papers and stood in front of the room. “You will have ten minutes to finish. Starting … now.” Eric looked at the paper

wagon was sitting on. “I guess we have to go down?” Julie asked. “I guess we do,” said Eric. Quietly, the two friends tramped down the steps. The stairs were covered with a kind of thick slime. They kept curving downward. “I wish Neal were here —” said Julie. “Me, too.” “— so he could go first!” Julie finished. Eric tried to laugh. He couldn’t. He was scared. What had happened to Neal? And where were they going? And who were Tarok and Slag, anyway? Finally, the steps ended. Eric and

you back!” said Keeah, laughing. Then another laugh broke through the forest. “This will stop you!” Tarok yelled back as he sped into the next turn in the course. “What will stop us?” asked Julie. Then they heard it. Sploosh! Crash! Splash! “Oh, no!” cried Keeah. “The raging river!” A wild river crashed and surged across the course, sending cold white spray high in the air. Tarok slowed his wagon only long enough to shoot more sparkly dust across the water. K-k-k-zing! The river turned

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