Real Life & Liars

Real Life & Liars

Kristina Riggle

Language: English

Pages: 327

ISBN: 0061706280

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sometimes you find happiness where, and when, you least expect it.

For Mirabelle Zielinski's children, happiness always seems to be just out of reach. Her polished oldest daughter, Katya, clings to a stale marriage with a workaholic husband and three spoiled children. Her son, Ivan, so creative, is a down-in-the-dumps songwriter with the worst taste in women. And the "baby," impulsive Irina, who lives life on a whim, is now reluctantly pregnant and hitched to a man who is twice her age. On the weekend of their parents' anniversary party, lies will be revealed, hearts will be broken...but love will also be found. And the biggest shock may come from Mirabelle herself, because she has a secret that will change everything.

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Underwear works just fine on a warm day. Anyway, the sooner Darius gets to know us, the better. Get those blinders off right away.” “If he sticks around much longer.” “Katya.” “I can’t say I’ll be shocked if they split up. Can you?” Mira doesn’t answer, and Katya knows it’s because she’s right. Reenie’s closest brush with monogamy before getting suddenly married was a six-week boyfriend she heard about named Alex, whom no one ever got to meet. Katya continues making up: eyeliner, lipliner,

Bella, Emma. Another of her friends is named Imogene. Katya tried to give her a perfectly normal name, and called her Katherine. Everyone wanted to call her Kat, but Katya already used that name, so Little Kat became Kitten became simply Kit, which makes Katya think of that stupid TV show with the talking car. What would have been wrong with Kate? But one and all, friends and family simply refused to call her that. Like everything else in her life when it came to her children, Katya caved in.

OF RAIN DRAPE OVER THE CAR, AND VAN NAVIGATES by following a set of taillights ahead of him. M–66 is a twisty two-laner along Lake Charlevoix, threading the woodsy countryside between Charlevoix and the main highway south. With every slip of his tires as they surf through the storm water, Van curses himself for sending Jenny out in this. “Stupid insensitive jackass,” he mutters. He distracts himself from the real possibility of crashing his own car by coming up with more insults. “Nutter.

maybe. Did Charles clear them out before raiding the charity? He must have. Why else would he have been so desperate? Which means even if they manage to keep Charles out of jail and out of the headlines, they have nothing to live on in their dotage. Unless they start selling all their expensive toys and saving again, as if from scratch. Katya gazes down at her ring, which disgusts her suddenly. For baubles like this, Charles felt driven to embezzle. She yanks it off her hand and crunches it into

was Ivan, missing the point, as usual. “Hey, Van,” says Katya, eyes on the mixing bowl. “Whatever happened to Barbie? Did she make it home in the monsoon?” “She sent me a text this morning about what a bast—” Van stops, noting his nephews and niece. “What a jerk I am. So I’m assuming she survived the night. Oh, and Kat? She sends her love.” A ripple of laughter flutters across the kitchen. I notice that for once, Van isn’t pulling his ear. Chip and Taylor approach me, eyes downcast.

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