Runaway Ralph

Runaway Ralph

Beverly Cleary

Language: English

Pages: 191

ISBN: 0380709538

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary ramps up the humor and adventure in the second book in the Mouse series.

With a motorcycle to rev and the open road to see, Ralph S. Mouse is itching to run away from his overprotective family. But once he escapes to a summer campground nearby, the horrors of the wild make him doubt his plan. Angry cats, scary watchdogs, and grouchy gophers are only the half of it! But then he befriends Garf, a sad and friendless boy at the camp. Though he wants desperately to be back home with his relatives, Ralph realizes that he may need to help Garf before he can help himself.

Supports the Common Core State Standards

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Beverly Cleary Runaway Ralph Illustrated by Tracy Dockray To Louis Darling 1916–1970 Contents 1. Ralph Hears a Distant Bugle 2. The Open Road 3. An Educational Toy 4. Chum 5. The Personul Mowse 6. A Thief in the Craft Shop 7. The Escape 8. Ralph Strikes a Bargain 9. A Dangerous Plan About the Author Other Books by Beverly Cleary Credits Copyright About the Publisher 1 Ralph Hears a Distant Bugle The small brown mouse named Ralph

Jill with her arm around Garf’s shoulders brought the boy back inside. “Sit down, Garf,” she said, and sat on a bench beside one of the worktables. Scowling, the boy obeyed. “What’s the trouble, Garf?” asked Aunt Jill kindly. What does she mean? Ralph wondered. Garf stared at the floor. “You know you have been breaking one of the camp rules,” said Aunt Jill. “Campers are not supposed to come into the craft shop without permission unless I am here or one of the counselors.” So that is why

a tight spot,” said Chum. “Everybody knows he used to come into the craft shop when no one was here, and they know he is still the first person to leave the dining hall, so naturally everyone thinks he took the watch. He obviously can’t return the watch, because he doesn’t know where it is, so of course everyone will think he is keeping it.” “That’s the way I had it figured,” agreed Ralph. “And I can tell you one thing,” continued Chum, “he’s not going to come near the craft shop until that

Garf pushing his motorcycle across a bench or around the edge of the Ping-Pong table as if he were lost in a dream of speed and danger. The sight of his precious motorcycle made Ralph even more frantic for freedom. And then to add to his troubles, there was still Catso, who had been only temporarily amused by the wristwatch and who would sooner or later, Ralph was sure, return to the cage. Ralph felt thin, nervous, and run-down. His cage was untidy even by mouse standards of housekeeping. “I

picked his way daintily and disdainfully through the jumble of seeds, nails, and plastic cord as if the mess was beneath his notice. He held his tail proudly erect, but he did not fool Ralph. That cat had been defeated. Catso squeezed out the hole in the screen door. Ralph was safe! Safe and free. Now all he had to do was figure out how to get his motorcycle away from Garf, and he would be on his way back to the Mountain View Inn. In the meantime, he settled down to feast on all the seeds that

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