Sea Horses

Sea Horses

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tamzin Weston unwittingly releases the evil spirit of the Grey Horse, who has been trapped inside a small statue for hundreds of years. Her mistake threatens to bring perpetual storms and danger. Only Tamzin can put things right and bring balance back to nature. To do this she must find and enlist the spirit of the Blue Horse, a force for good, who has battled and overcome the Grey Horse once before.

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buckets from the tap in the yard. She made friends with more of the ponies, and also with three cats and a big dog called Barney, who looked like a woolly hay-stack and slobbered happily all over her jeans. She was delighted when Moonlight seemed to recognize her, and spent a long time stroking his muzzle and talking to him. ‘He really likes you,’ Joel said, coming into Moonlight's stall with a net full of fresh, sweet hay. ‘You can ride him on your lesson. He's ideal for a beginner.’ He hung up

of doing things, had been worrying her anyway, but after what had happened in the last few days, she simply hadn't wanted to think about it at all. ‘What's it like?’ she asked uneasily. ‘Oh, it's pretty good, as schools go,’ Joel reassured her. ‘I won't be there, though. I go to school in Truro now. You'll probably be in Mrs Beck's class. You'll like her. She's interested in legends, too.’ He grinned. ‘She might even know about the Grey Horse story and if she doesn't, you can tell her.’ ‘No!’

and we'll make a list.’ As the rest of the class started to call out their suggestions, Lisa looked sidelong at Tamzin. ‘Have you seen Lion Rock yet?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ said Tamzin. ‘From the beach.’ ‘I've been right to it. In my uncle's boat. He took me out last summer, when the sea was calm. It's really creepy when you get close up, and much bigger than it looks from the shore.’ Lisa smiled. ‘He's going to take me again next year, with some friends. You can come, if you like.’ Before Tamzin

his mane, hooked an arm over his withers and with a frantic kick hauled herself astride his back. Moonlight turned and, with Tamzin clinging on for her life, he raced back towards the headland. The grey-crested wave crashed on the spot where she had been standing, hurling up a fountain of spray. But Moonlight was already clear. He charged into the sea again, and in seconds was swimming. Water slapped and surged and tried to wash Tamzin off, but she locked her arms around Moonlight's neck and,

the sitting room and talk.’ Outside, the wind screamed an echo that made Tamzin shudder. ‘It's a very old tale,’ said Nan quietly. ‘My grandmother told it to me when I was young, and she learned it from her grandmother long before that.’ They were sitting together on the sofa. Their mugs of chocolate stood on a low table nearby, but neither of them had had so much as a sip yet. Wind rocked the house; rain battered the windows. On the sofa arm, Baggins lay asleep. Tamzin listened as Nan

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