Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Duncan Ball

Language: English

Pages: 65

ISBN: 0207200661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Search for Selby Society is hot on his trail and eager to tell the world his secret. And, as if that isn't bad enough, there are shipwrecks, evil curses, ghostly gagsters and - worst of all - the Triple Terror out to get him. Oh woe woe woe - what is a dog to do? Read this book and see!

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is Jabbar something-or-other. When he was ten, he was the world champion jigsaw puzzler. He could put a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle together in two-and-a-half minutes. And that was with the picture side face-down so he could only see the back of the pieces.’ ‘Goodness me, I can’t even do them right-side up. How do you know all this?’ ‘I said hello to him the other day and we had a nice chat. He’s given up jigsaw puzzles and started making movies.’ ‘What sort of movies?’ ‘Those ones with

serious, aren’t you?’ ‘Absolutely. Let’s just say that Selby had opened the fridge that time. And let’s just say that he did turn the lights on when we were out and that he even watches TV. Let’s just say that he does use the computer when we’re asleep. We keep making excuses for him.’ ‘I see what you mean,’ Dr Trifle said slowly. They both turned and looked Selby in the eye. ‘Okay, Selby, time’s up,’ Mrs Trifle said. ‘Talk to us.’ ‘Yes, Selby,’ Dr Trifle said, ‘enough is enough. Let’s put a

I’ll show you something.’ Mrs Trifle poured some of the water into a glass. ‘Now, just leave it for a moment to let it warm up.’ After a couple of minutes, Dr Trifle said, ‘Now turn the glass upside-down.’ ‘But it’ll go all over the floor,’ Mrs Trifle protested. ‘No it won’t.’ Mrs Trifle slowly turned the glass upside-down but the water stayed in the bottom. ‘It’s gone all hard — like ice,’ she said. ‘It’s Nice,’ Dr Trifle said proudly. ‘Well, yes, it’s very nice but — ‘ ‘No, no,’ Dr

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