Sex & Spandex: The Quest for the Kai

Sex & Spandex: The Quest for the Kai

AM Sardar

Language: English

Pages: 219


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The Quest for the Kai. A Comic Parody of Cosmic Proportions.

Monty Python continues to bitch-slap Marvel in the ultimate mash-up.

The Shiny Surfer, assisted/hampered by Mrs' Galactus & Darkseid, Mr Bishop and Baron Zemo, is trying to find the mysterious Kai, the possible source of Cosmic disturbance.

Join the bickering Questers on their epic Galactic journey to annoy other life-forms, molest domestic animals, destroy sacred beliefs and generally sow confusion and discord.

Will our brave Quester's ever find the Kai? Who is the super villain with the constantly inflamed gonads? Will Mrs’ G & D get back in time for tea? And why is Tessticulatus so annoyed?

All of these questions, and many others, will be either answered or completely ignored, side-stepped, trampled underfoot and generally mishandled

in this, the second mildly titillating and reasonably exciting instalment of Sex & Spandex 2: The Quest for the Kai.

Also contains deleted scenes from Sex & Spandex 1.

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- didn't I mention it before. Sue: No you did not! And we weren't even invited. Even after you'd been to our wedding. That's ssshoo rude. Peter: Come on Sue, this was a normal wedding - no super-heroes, I couldn't invite anyone from 'work' - know what I mean! Sue: Well, what's she like? Peter: Well, uhm, kinda famous, with long hair, we've known each other for a long time and we're madly in love. Johnny: You're married to Hulk Hogan?? Man, I thought you could do better for

the old crone. Outside, waiting for him, are Mrs Galactus & Mrs Darkseid with their Cosmic Star-Crossing Shopping Trolleys. Mrs G: Ohh, look he's back! What kept you so long in that dingy place? Mrs D: Oh, it's ever so dingy! She should brighten it up! Mrs G: Yes, brighten it up, some magnolia paint on those walls would be very nice. Mrs D: Yes, very nice. (Pause) She's not from around here, is she? No, she's from a very strange place.....England! Silver Surfer: (Climbing on

for Galactus to consume. Full Article: Silver Surfer Bishop Bishop (Lucas Bishop) is a fictional comic book superhero, appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, in particular the X-Men family of books. Created by Whilce Portacio and Jim Lee, the character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #282 (November 1991). Bishop was a member of Xavier's Security Enforcers (initially called the Xavier School Enforcers), a mutant police force from a dystopian future of the Marvel Universe. He

household appliance that is willing to act as a sex-slave in return for gain. Although it's usually a monetary gain, food, intoxicants or even Arid Crystal-beetles are suitable substitutes. Outside the Surfer is flying up and away into the clouds, with Grotus Squaley unusually quiet. Silver Surfer: What's the matter Grotus? You're unusually quiet! Grotus: Quiet? Quiet? What have I got to shout about? Quietly sipping my piss of a pint and those fracking krowtees turn up and now you kidnap

Jean Grey from the future possessing telepathic and telekinetic powers. More... * * * Foreword * * * This book is the second volume of collection of writings originally created for various, now defunct, web forums. I have collated and edited these writings into two volumes of work; if you haven’t, I would recommend you read the first volume to see how we got here. In addition my talented colleague Werner Mueck has illustrated it with appropriate artwork. This is an

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