Shanghai Redemption: An Inspector Chen Novel (Inspector Chen Cao)

Shanghai Redemption: An Inspector Chen Novel (Inspector Chen Cao)

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1250092450

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For years, Chen Cao managed to balance the interests of the Communist Party and the promises made by his job. He was both a Chief Inspector of Special Investigations of the Shanghai Police Department and the deputy party secretary of the bureau. He was considered a potential rising star in the Party until, after one too many controversial cases that embarrassed powerful elements in the Party, Chen Cao found himself neutralized. Under the guise of a major promotion, a new position with a substantial title but no power, he's stripped of his job duties and isolated. That's still not enough, as it becomes increasingly clear that someone is attempting to set him up for public disgrace and possibly worse.

Chen Cao is technically in charge of the corruption case of a Red Prince - a powerful, high Party figure who embodies the ruthless ambition, greed, and corruption that is increasingly evident in the new China. This Red Prince has the kind of connections and power to deflect any attempts to bring him to justice. Now, with no power, few allies, and with his own reputation on the line, the former Inspector Chen is facing the most dangerous investigation of his life.

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me down.’ Furthermore, they see themselves as representing the Party, so they feel that whatever they do is politically justified. As the red song goes, ‘Only the Communist Party can save and rule China.’ “So I’m here now trying to help you—and to be honest, trying to help myself too.” “Are you saying that you can’t even help yourself, Chief Inspector Chen?” “No, I can’t. We have to find a way out, and we will. Not just for ourselves. You have to think of Liang, and I have to consider all of

sure it’s as graphic as possible.” “But what are you going to do with this so-called evidence? If he’s a high-ranking official, none of the official media will publish it.” “Now that the Internet exists, there’s no point in bothering with the People’s Daily.” That was exactly what Old Hunter had told him. Her plan could work. In a determined voice, she said, “Even in the worst-case scenario, where the fish dies and the net breaks, I’ll still have my freedom.” “Because of his position at the

of the good doctor.” What could that possibly mean? He wonder whether it was a reference to Dr. Hou of the East China Hospital, who, at Chen’s request, had operated on Melong’s mother. Was that Melong’s way of saying that he was paying Chen back? “I have to leave, Chief Inspector. You don’t mind my calling you Chief Inspector, do you? That’s how Melong refers to you, and I like it.” She stood up and reached out her hand. “You can call me, if you need me. You already have my number in your

wall of mahjong pieces down to the table with a bang, “I have an appointment at noon back in the city. Give me your cell number, and I’ll call you if I learn anything about Fei. Of course, don’t tell anyone about our conversation in the mahjong room.” TWENTY-FIVE CHEN DIDN’T HAVE AN appointment in the city at noon, as he’d told Jiang, but he did take a taxi back to the railway station. This time, he had a train to catch. On the train to Wuxi, he called Huang of the Wuxi Police Department.

to the meaning of the note, it’s you.” “If something happens—” “His disappearance probably counts as ‘something,’” “It is something—but even if we figure out what Fei ‘left behind,’” Jiang said deliberately, “I’m afraid these people still might not let us go.” “Whatever it is, it’s related to his examination of the American’s death scene, right? Now, you have no idea what ‘it’ is, but somebody else does.” Jiang pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Let me think.” “What’s he referring to with

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