Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama and Other Page-Turning Adventures from a Year in a Bookstore

Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama and Other Page-Turning Adventures from a Year in a Bookstore

Suzanne Strempek Shea

Language: English

Pages: 223

ISBN: 0807072583

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Suzanne Shea has always loved a good book—and she’s written five of them, all acclaimed. In the course of her ten-year career, she’s done a good bit of touring, including readings and drop-ins at literally hundreds of bookstores. She never visited one that wasn’t memorable.

Two years ago, while recovering from radiation therapy, Shea heard from a friend who was looking for help at her bookstore. Shea volunteered, seeing it as nothing more than a way to get out of her pajamas and back into the world. But over next twelve months, from St. Patrick’s Day through Poetry Month, graduation/Father’s Day/summer reading/Christmas and back again to those shamrock displays, Shea lived and breathed books in a place she says sells “ideas, stories, encouragement, answers, solace, validation, the basic ammunition for daily life.” Her work was briefly interrupted by an author tour that took her to other great bookstores. Descriptions of these and her memories of book-lined rooms reaching all the way back to childhood visits to the Bookmobile are scattered throughout this charming, humorous, and engrossing account of reading and rejuvenation.

For anyone who loves books, and especially for anyone who has fallen under the spell of a special bookstore, Shelf Life will be required reading.

The Second Part of King Henry the Sixth (The Complete Shakespeare Translated by Liang Shiqiu, Book 21) (Bilingual Edition)

The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus

Forgotten Bonds

The Tragedy of Hamlet (The Complete Shakespeare Translated by Liang Shiqiu, Book 32) (Bilingual Edition)
















cancer to surgery to treatment, and had begun 2001 with a big case of the confusing "what now?" period all the many cancer books I'd read had correctly warned me would hit. For many months you go through being cared for and checked on nearly every day and then you're spat out into the world to resume your life. Now what? you wonder. What's going to get me now? Or what should I be doing now so something won't get me? Or how should I be living now that I still have a chance to live? In late winter

waitress (until the guy with the gun walked in the front door and I walked out the back); Papa Gino's hostess (yes, Papa Gino's has hostesses, and this franchise's boss was a guy named Bronce, a name I'd never heard of before or since); knitter of fancy sweaters sold to tourists (one sweater would take me a month to complete; I got paid thirty dollars per sweater-you do the math; apparently, I never did until writing this); postcollege newspaper reporter (my first full-time job-work I loved and

environmentally responsible company that is committed to issues of the environment and the protection of its animals and their habitat." Printed in soy-based ink on chlorine-free recycled paper are nature scenes and creature close-ups, the insides left blank on these too. Because many situations in life defy the themes of traditional cards, blanks allow you to choose an image to go with just the words you want to deliver. A soothing surf picture for a soul in turmoil, a jumping lemur when news is

have to thank my fellow Polish-Americans once again. They beat the drum very well, having arranged a side appearance by another author, local Joan B. Peterson, who, with Susie V. Medaris, wrote the handy Eat Smart in Poland: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure. Joan's prepared some baked goods. I read, I sign books, the audience eats smart, everybody leaves contented. The next day, I am grateful that the very friendly literary escort woman has stocked

often at the bookstore because she's currently house-sitting in a town far in the opposite direction. We root for her next residence to be a little more Edwards-convenient. Christina is loving being a freshman up the street at the High School of Commerce. As for her own dreams, right now they include a career as a lawyer or an actress. "Nothing book related?" "Well," Christina starts, "I have thought about being a writer. In the sixth grade especially I had lots of creative writing assignments

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