Shock for the Secret Seven

Shock for the Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0340917660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dogs are disappearing from the village, but the Seven are so busy arguing and falling out with each other that they don't even notice. Then poor Scamper becomes the latest victim and it's all systems go for the Secret Seven!

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graph-definition> CHAPTER   ONE Secret Seven Meeting, Everyone! 'WHEN are you having a meeting of the Secret Seven again?' asked Peter's mother. 'I don't know. Why, Mother?' asked Peter, looking up from his book. 'Well, because if you do, I don't think you ought to meet in that old shed of yours,' said his mother. It's such very cold weather. You'd better meet up here in the house.' 'Oh no, Mother,' said Janet, joining in. 'It wouldn't be a secret meeting then. We must meet in the

Bony sounds like a Pied Piper for dogs!' 'I remember a girl at school once who was like that with cats,' said Pam. 'She had only to walk down the road and the cats would come running up to her - big ones, little ones, even kittens! They all adored her, and she adored them. It was most peculiar to watch. Even our old solemn cat, Tiddles, used to wait for her to come by, and then she'd try to jump down to the girl's shoulder, purring as loudly as a … as a …’ 'Motor-bike?' said George, and that

Colin felt more and more alarmed. 'Please don't call the police, sir, please let me go. My father would be awfully angry with me. You see, my friend has had his golden spaniel stolen, and we're trying to find it for him. We're all of us looking out for a large-footed man, and . . .' 'And I've large feet - and was carrying a valuable dog. Well, you certainly puzzled me this morning. I hope you enjoyed your walk?' 'May I go please, sir?' said Colin, desperately. 'I apologize, I do really. I

hope Postie or his sister don't come back and catch me. I'd get into real trouble then.' He looked all round the little garden. He tried the handle of the garden shed, but it was locked. He peeped in at the kitchen window. He felt extremely guilty all the time and half-ashamed of himself. Whatever would his father say if he saw him? Then he remembered old Matt the shepherd and his sorrow for his lost collie - and thought of Peter and Janet, and their tears for Scamper. 'It's no good - I

walkies!' 'Wuff!' said Scamper in delight, and flew to the door. 'Wait! Wait for us!' shouted Peter, afraid that Scamper would rush out and be stolen at once. ' Look, Mother, there's someone out in the yard - he might be the thief!' 'Don't be silly, dear - that's only the postman,' said his mother. ' Go and see if he has a parcel for me - I'm expecting one.' Peter went to the door in answer to the postman's double knock. 'Hallo, postman!' he said. 'Ah -you have a parcel for my mother. Do

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