Smashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)

Smashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 47


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the SMASHING SAXONS, including who got cow pats as Christmas presents, why wearing a pig on your head is lucky and how to make a dead Saxon happy.

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and rub the ashes into the scalp. To completely stop hair growing then rub ant eggs into the scalp. What a yolk! 5 Headache Take swallow-chicks and cut them open. Look for little stones in their stomachs, sew them into a bag and place on the head. This is also a cure for people plagued by goblins. Cuthbert’s cure If you are ill it helps to be a saint. When St Cuthbert had a swollen knee he was advised to cook wheat flour with milk and put the hot mixture on his knee. Who told him this? His

running round in your burning feet and fingers, which then turned red, then black, then dropped off. If you were really unlucky your ears and nose dropped off and you died. (But ergot was worse in France in the Dark Ages than in England, where victims usually recovered.) 4 Worms No, not the sort of squiggly, fat things you see in the ground. These were the ones that lived inside your body. The whipworm was harmless and stayed in your gut, but the monstrous maw-worm could grow to 30 centimetres

riding with three of his knights when he saw a woman carried on a horse by a man. A troop of soldiers were chasing them. ‘Look, Arthur! That lady is being chased by those soldiers! We should help her to escape!’ the knights cried. But when wicked Arthur saw the woman his heart was filled with desire and he wanted her for himself. ‘No, my knights!’ he cried. ‘Take the woman and bring her to me! She’s just the sort of lady that I could take for my love!’ ‘You can’t do that!’ his knights said.

doesn’t stay a week! Warning people Offa One king who grew tired of paying Offa was Aethelberht of Kent. A look at old coins gives us a clue to what happened… The murder of Aethelberht shocked many Mercians and their other Saxon neighbours – but it kept them in line. Mercian misery Offa died in 795 and his son died a few months later. The kings in East Anglia and Kent revolted against the miserable Mercian rule straight away – this was the chance they’d been waiting for. The rebels of Kent

were led by a monk-king Eadberht. He was captured but the merciful Mercians didn’t execute him, the way Offa would have done. But the days of Mercian mastery were numbered once their great king hopped Offa the twig. Offa had created the idea that England could be one kingdom with one king. Yet it wasn’t the Mercians who went on to rule that kingdom – it was the West Saxons. When Offa died in 796 there were four great Saxon kingdoms in England – his Mercia, Wessex (West Saxons), East Anglia and

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