Sports Play

Sports Play

Elfriede Jelinek, Penny Black

Language: English

Pages: 121

ISBN: 1849434026

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First produced in 1998 at the famous Vienna Burgtheater, the remarkable and provocative Sports Play by Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek is a postdramatic theatrical exploration of the making, marketing and sale of the human body and of emotions in sport. It explores contemporary society's obsession with fitness and body culture bringing into sharp focus our need to belong to a group, a team or a nation. Sport is seen as a form of war in peacetime

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better for me. I so want to get to know your friends, but you don’t let me. In my own way I’m also a heroine, you just don’t see it, although I take great care with my clothes, as always. We mothers are either silent heroines or louder heroines. You have blocked the understanding between us like the plughole in a basin, all from a sense of injured love for yourself. You want to keep them to yourself, your companions. It’s as if you’re going to war. I call out frantically – don’t torment me! I

growing up, but with very little self-esteem. But that does grow, too, with every passing minute, until we cover a piece of bloody metal with ourselves, in order to be baked like jacket potatoes in our freshly-sprayed cars with their new rally stripes. Yet for now our heroes shall carry out all those deeds in our place. We’ve got to learn how one day. On the other hand, for as long as I don’t belong to them, I’m an embittered enemy of heroes. I hover over them like an eagle across the morning

the views all belong to him. Now he no longer needs to be the bad guy! Now he’s almost got his own face! He always rubbed his wings against his picture and a shrill tone rang out as he and his image jumped into each other. Just like a cricket. A burning tyre through a burning tyre. Fancy that, now the images are doing it with each other. Soon they’ll do it all by themselves. But for now we still stare and urge them on until our pupils turn red. The glass in front of the television explodes with

have apparently used recycled materials for building their porch and don’t quite have control over this technology. Not like me. But should they succeed in replacing badly-functioning parts, then technically there’d be no reason for death. And what will I do then? What will I be able to talk about solo, without my proven team? Then we women have to make efforts to keep pace with nature. Now we prefer to improve our nature by means of surgery. Well, because you asked me previously, I’ll reply:

and then the rain stops as abruptly as it started. And now what do we do with our stupid good skin? If it got burnt, then it can happen that we have to drag it after us like some flabby parachute. Pardon. Oh, if only bad weather had started promptly! Then the umpire, in collaboration with the UN observers, could have called for a break. Accordingly, if there’d been particularly bad weather about, which might’ve negatively influenced the result of the war, then the competition could have been

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