Stand-Up Comedy: The Book

Stand-Up Comedy: The Book

Judy Carter

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0440502438

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

All the world loves a clown and whether you want to clown around at parties or make a living as a standup comic, comedian Judy Carter can show you how to "do" comedy.

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sticks his head out the window? —Steve Bluestein Observations can be short one-liners, but it is preferable to use the observation as the setup and your unbridled reaction to the observation as the punch. Using this technique, one observation can be extended to create an entire routine, as is the case with Jerry Seinfeld’s inventive routine on cotton balls: SETUP: (OBSERVATION) Ladies, what is the deal on cotton balls? PUNCH: (REACTION) … I have no cotton balls, I’m getting along just

she exaggerates it. Pappas says: “Impressionists need to accentuate the star’s quirky qualities. When I do Liza Minnelli, I exaggerate the way she pushes and sells a song. If Liza sells it 50 percent, I have to sell it 100 percent.” Fred Travalena There is also a hip breed of “new wave” impressionists such as $100,000 Star Search winner Mark McCollum, who skips the usual star caricatures in favor of imitating cartoon characters singing rock music. His act includes Yosemite Sam leading the

hitting the keys for emphasis: He said, ‘Judy, Judy, I must possess you’—ta da da—he had an accordion, too. And Tenuta sings off-kilter songs, such as a Country & Western tribute to the pope: I just want a cowboy in a long white silky dress. Charlie Fleischer plays abstract musical instruments of his own invention and ends his act by playing Beethoven’s Fifth … on a harmonica. So here is a chance to finally make those French horn lessons pay off. Get it out of the closet and see if it

careers in comedy, Jay Leno fixed cars and Roseanne Barr was a housewife with three kids. I’ve been married fourteen years, and I have three kids. Obviously, I breed well in captivity. —Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr You don’t have to be a worldly person to do comedy. People don’t go to nightclubs to hear intellectual pondering. They want to laugh. The challenge is to find the humor in your most ordinary experiences. Being astute and clever helps, but let’s face it—this is America, a place

comedy, but it does happen that a newcomer opens for a headliner and ends up playing some of the bigger rooms. This happened to one of my students who showed her tape to a working comic and ended up going on the road with her, playing concert engagements. Television Television is very seductive. You get paid a lot of money and can become famous overnight. Yet just as fast as a comic can rise, so can they fall. The prevailing advice from producers and big name comics is: Don’t do TV until

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