Star Time (Zigzag Kids)

Star Time (Zigzag Kids)

Patricia Reilly Giff

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0375859128

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the fourth book in the Zigzag Kids series, it's showtime at the  Zelda A. Zigzag Afternoon Center. Gina loves to sing and she's determined to be the star of the play. She's already told everybody she knows to come see her. But her friend Destiny wants to be the star, too!

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Chapter 8: Wednesday Chapter 9: Thursday Chapter 10: Two Fridays Later About the Author CHAPTER 1 FRIDAY Great days at the Zigzag Afternoon Center! They were going to do a play. Gina would be the star. She was sure of it. She’d told everyone she knew. She ducked into the girls’ room. She held Destiny Washington’s bottle of Curls Galore gel. Destiny had lent it to her yesterday. “I’m trying to be the nicest person,” she had said. “Even to kids who don’t deserve it. Stars do that.”

It was the perfect answer. Not a lie. Mitchell filled his mouth with air. He puffed out one cheek. Then he puffed out the other. “We can ask her tomorrow.” “Maybe we shouldn’t bother her,” Gina said. Clifton, Trevor’s best friend, slid up to them. “How come I’m not in this play?” he asked. Mitchell stopped puffing. “We’ll add another bad guy.” “I want to be a robot,” Clifton said. Mitchell sighed. “We have a zillion robots.” “One more won’t hurt,” Gina said. “All right,” Mitchell said.

Very bumpy for the yogurt! But never mind that. “Did you think hard?” she asked Mitchell. Mitchell didn’t answer. He was trying to balance his yogurt on his writing-the-play pad. Gina pointed to the pad. What a mess it was, with those cross-outs. There was a big rip down the middle, too. Mitchell took a huge spoonful of yogurt. She almost said, “Watch out!” But it was too late. Yogurt dripped on Mitchell’s shirt and jeans. Even his chin was purple. The bus lurched. A huge glump of

Sarsaparilla voice. CHAPTER 9 THURSDAY The bell rang. It was time for Afternoon Center. Gina pounded down the stairs. Everyone else pounded, too. There was just enough time for a snack. Gina was first in the lunchroom. The lunchroom lady’s face was red. “Whew.” She wiped her forehead. “I’m trying to make gingersnaps.” “Great,” Gina said. “I’m still working on them,” the lunchroom lady said. “But for today we’ll have cheese poppers. It’s what I do best.” Gina saw Destiny come into

the planet,” Destiny said. The curtain closed, and everyone clapped. No one heard Destiny slide over a pearl. “Don’t worry,” Mitchell said. “We’ll pick up all the pearls later.” Destiny gave Gina a hug. “You’re a star crier,” she said. Gina hugged back. “You were great, too.” Then came the surprise. There was the sound of the drums. DUM-DUM-DE-DUM! It was Mr. Sarsaparilla, star drummer. Beebe pulled back the curtain. Gina stepped out in front. She opened her mouth. This time she wasn’t

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