Starstruck (Fame Game)

Starstruck (Fame Game)

Lauren Conrad

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0062079824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lauren Conrad, star of the hit MTV reality series The Hills, brings her insider knowledge to Starstruck, the second book in the Fame Game series.
In Starstruck, Madison isn’t getting much screen time on The Fame Game, the reality TV show following three girls trying to become stars in L.A. She’s too busy doing community service after stealing a necklace. Kate, on the other hand, is getting huge amounts of publicity now that one of her songs has become an overnight sensation—and it’s going to her head. And aspiring actress Carmen, the daughter of Hollywood royalty, is finally making a name for herself.
The juicy story from bestselling author Lauren Conrad explores friendship, family, romance, ambition, and fame.

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me?” Sophia and Madison were laughing, and both Gaby and Carmen were smiling up at Drew, and even Kate felt the glimmer of a grin tugging at the corners of her lips. How quickly the atmosphere in the room had changed! And they had Drew to thank for it. He’d simply walked into the room, happy and confident, and had magically, goofily diffused the tension. There was no more silence. No more staring down at your own feet. Suddenly everyone was talking and giggling and acting as if they’d been

glamorous—perfect for someone like Madison. She’d missed this room, she realized. Living with Charlie had been great (while it lasted), but the furniture and décor she’d rented had never been her style. She sank down onto the tufted chaise longue and closed her eyes for a moment, trying to let her anger and frustration diffuse. Letting the peace and cleanliness of the room calm her. Relax, she thought. (That ungrateful brat.) No—stop thinking that. Relax. (That faux hippie bitch.) Relax. Like

a small knot of bystanders had gathered, trying to figure out what was being filmed. The PAs stuck with the standard “we’re shooting a mayonnaise commercial” answer to avoid crowds. She had on her new pair of sunglasses, so she was able to slip past them unrecognized. Laurel and the PopTV crew were in the waiting room, which was decorated with giant crystals and pastel paintings of beaches at sunset. Their expressions ranged from bored to annoyed. “Kate,” Laurel said sternly, standing up with

to work on some new songs, so she couldn’t drop everything and go to Luke. Which, honestly, she had kind of wanted to do. It was all so confusing. She wished she could’ve talked to Carmen about it, but—well, that wouldn’t really help, would it? Everything was such a mess. Of course, the next day, when she got the script for their PopTV Movie Awards appearance, she understood why Luke had called: She was about to see him. On TV. He’d wanted to break the ice first. How gentlemanly of him. Kate

cameras were rolling. Not that Carmen minded. It was fun to have her actual friend be a part of her fake reality every once in a while. Fawn waltzed into the room, flung her glasses on the couch, and put her feet up on the tiny part of the coffee table that wasn’t covered with costume accessories. “So I have a little information that might be of interest to you,” she said, “concerning one of your friends.” Carmen thought first of Kate. Had Fawn heard from her? Then Alexis gave her a sharp poke

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