Still More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 3

Still More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 3

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: 2:00266430

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

HERE IS AN ALL NEW collection of PLAYBOY'S riotous party jokes with still more of those now famous racy gags, raucous limericks, hilarious cartoons and frisky, uninhibited Femllns—all from the pages of America's most sophisticated magazine. This truly delightful compendium of adult humor is bound to provoke chuckles, grins and smiles in urbane circles everywhere. Laugh-loving guys and gals will find STILL MORE PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES every bit as funny as those first two bestsellers (PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES and MORE PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES, each with over a million copies sold). In fact, it may be even funnier.

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