Summer Reading is Killing Me! (Time Warp Trio, No. 7)

Summer Reading is Killing Me! (Time Warp Trio, No. 7)

Jon Scieszka

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0142401153

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone’s favorite time-travelers are changing their styles!  The Time Warp Trio series now features a brand-new, eye-catching design, sure to appeal to longtime fans, and those new to Jon Scieszka’s wacky brand of humor.

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can use for my—” Anna held out her stuffed toy. And before the words “teddy bear” were even out of her mouth, the three of us dove into my closet screaming, “Nooooooo! “ Anna backed slowly out of my room. She held her teddy bear behind her. We peeked out of the closet. “You guys are so weird,” said Anna. “So weird. “ Summer Reading List Each student must read four books during the summer and fill out the attached study guide for two of them. EARLY READERS Amelia Bedelia (series), by

Teddy Bears in It, by Anyone PERFECT-F0R-KNOCKING-OUT-PARROTS-AND-SAVING THE-DAY READERS Junior Classics, Volume Two: Once upon a Time STUDY GUIDE *Write the title and author of the book. *Identify two major characters of the book. *Imagine who you would have play the major characters in the movie version of the book. *Tap your pencil on the paper. *Stare out the window and daydream. *Put the study guide away and don’t look at it again until the night before the first day of school.

figure with a bleached skull head and antlers galloped his black horse behind Peter. I peeked through the slats of the bench and the leaves of the bushes. The antlered giant swung his sword overhead, then reined his horse to a stop. He turned his flaming eyes our way. I could have sworn he was staring right at us. My heart stopped. Just then, the monkey let out a shriek. The antler guy turned his head, then spurred his horse and rode off. The black cloud passed. It took us a few minutes get

I told you,” squealed Teddy Bear, spinning around. “But crushing all of the good characters from every other book is not going to solve anything,” I went on, (I tried my best to sound like my mom and dad when they’re telling me what to do, but want me to think I have a choice.) “Just look how dumb these books sound without their main characters.” I bent over the tentacle around my waist and picked a book off the floor. “Look at this. Now The Hobo ken Chicken Emergency is just The Emergency.

full set of Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedias. Mrs. Twit took a four-volume History of the Civil War right on her chin. Her glass eye popped out, and she flipped over the handrail. A beautiful blue Historical Atlas of the World flattened the Headless Horseman. But a whole new wave of bad characters swarmed over the fallen books. This time it was the Girl who came up with the brainstorm. “Come on, boys. Use our only weapon,” she called. And she machine-gunned a whole row of Hardy Boys books off

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