Sweet Secrets (Candy Fairies)

Sweet Secrets (Candy Fairies)

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1481406108

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Berry the Fruit Fairy is excited to enter a fashion contest, but when she overhears a secret, it may not be fair game in this Candy Fairies adventure.

It’s a Candy Fairies Fashion Show! Top fashion designer Olivia Crème de la Crème is having a dress design contest and Berry the Fruit Fairy is one of the fairies chosen to make a delectably adorable new creation! When Berry overhears the secret plans for the designs, she thinks she’s got this contest won. But wait a sweet second—isn’t that cheating?

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design award this year goes to . . . Berry the Fruit Fairy!” Olivia announced. Berry had hoped Olivia would say her name, but she couldn’t believe her name was called! She was a frozen fruit stick, not able to move! “Berry! That’s you!” Raina cried. She pushed Berry forward. Berry flew over to Olivia at the end of the long runway. “Maybe you’ll come work for me one day,” Olivia said to her. “Your work shows creativity and great use of color. I love how you’ve added your sugarcoated gems and

fairies were lifted off their feet. “Oh, I am sorry,” he said. “I’m just so happy to see you.” “Then why are you crying?” Dash asked. Carobee snuffled again. “These are happy tears,” he said. “Carobee, we were so worried when you didn’t answer our sugar fly note,” Raina said. “What is going on?” The dragon hung his large head. “I can’t tell you,” he said. “Another secret?” Berry moaned. Raina shot her a hard look. “Don’t scare him, Berry,” she scolded. Berry took a deep breath. “Carobee,

wings in syrup! We can get started on some sugar for your new batch of cotton candy.” “There’s still time, Carobee,” Raina said. “Don’t give up,” Cocoa added. Carobee raised his head and blinked back his tears. “You are all so kind,” he said. “I didn’t think anyone could help me.” “You can always count on your friends,” Berry told him. She hugged his neck and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Especially a Candy Fairy,” Dash said. “We’re friends till the end!” The five Candy Fairies circled

there is only one thing to do, then,” Berry said. “Carobee, please come with me to speak to Olivia after lunch.” “Now, that sounds like a grand plan!” Raina cried. “As good as these meringue cookies,” Dash said, stuffing her face. Berry smiled. “Sweet strawberries! There is so much food here,” she said, taking in the long tables and platters piled high with food. “I think the staff knew that Dash was coming,” Cocoa said, giggling. “Very funny,” Dash said. Then she smiled. “I do love a good

buffet.” Suddenly Berry was very hungry. “Maybe I will have a little something before Carobee and I go to Sweet Stitches,” she said. Berry told her friends all about the other fairies and setting up the workstations for the competition. She explained how she had lined up all her needles and spools of thread. “I don’t want to search for anything,” Berry explained. “Every minute counts!” “We can’t wait to see Raina walk down the runway,” Melli said. “Me too!” Berry exclaimed. “I hope she likes

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