Test of Will: What I've Learned from Cricket and Life

Test of Will: What I've Learned from Cricket and Life

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1760112801

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Glenn McGrath is an Australian cricket great—a fast bowler both feared and admired by top-level cricketers around the world. Off the field, his life was touched by tragedy with the death of his first wife, Jane, from breast cancer, yet also marked by a determination to celebrate her life and make sure her legacy helps thousands of others through the Jane McGrath Foundation—now one of Australia's biggest and most effective breast cancer charities. In Test of Will, Glenn gives an insight into the things that have shaped him both in and out of cricket. He writes about his classic cricketing duels, bowling against master batsmen like Tendulkar and Lara. He writes about his great moments, and the influence of such legends of the game as Steve Waugh and Shane Warne, and what he learned from them. And away from cricket he writes candidly about finding love with Sara after the tragedy of losing Jane. He writes about starting the McGrath Foundation and the enormous impact it's had on many peoples' lives. He writes about the annual Pink Test in Sydney, how it came about, and what it means to him, and he writes about fatherhood, raising two children, and the excitement of expecting another.

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sleeping; and, as a fast bowler, attitude is the inner-voice that demands you to steam in under a scorching sun and bowl yet another over against a batsman who may as well be a brick wall. Even when it’d be so much easier to chuck in the towel and lie down in the shade under a tree. As a kid who was dismissed as never being good enough to be selected for junior talent squads, or given little—if any—hope by many people of going very far in cricket, I worked hard for everything I gained. The

and ‘Do you like to dress like Jethro from the The Beverly Hillbillies?’ (I could’ve answered ‘yes’ quite honestly back then). He seemed surprised that regardless of what he said, I didn’t retaliate. I just turned my back and returned to my mark, which I think puzzled him. After I bowled a bouncer and failed to respond to yet another wisecrack, he asked: ‘I know you can grunt, but can you speak?’ I was bowling as hard as I could and I wanted to get his wicket—I bagged it in the second innings—but

ball back at you so hard I always thought one of his missiles would put a hole in my hand. In terms of his unselfishness, I thought it said a lot about his character that when he called stumps at the ripe old age of 36—and after battling a string of injuries—he hung up his maroon cap because he thought it was time to give a younger bloke his chance. 15 SPORT INSPIRES Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream and a vision.

on the television and, apart from being a great competitor who carried the hopes of his nation on his shoulders, in my eyes he seemed to be the complete fast bowler. Over the years we’ve seen the likes of Dion Nash, Simon Doull, Ewen Chatfield, Chris Martin, Shane Bond and Danny Morrison compete hard and well for their country. However, I think the partnership we saw between Tim Southee and Trent Boult during their charge to the 2015 World Cup final was one of the most exciting in recent times

chanting ‘Ooh aah, Glenn McGrath’—it was the first time I’d received that kind of attention. It really surprised me and I remember thinking it’d be special to help win the Frank Worrell Trophy for those people in the outer who were waving their Australian flags and supporting us. It was a wonderful experience, my coming of age as a Test bowler, and by the end of the series we became the first Aussie team to bring the trophy home from the Caribbean since Ian Chappell’s team in 1973. While that

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