Textual Dynamics of the Professions: Historical and Contemporary Studies of Writing in Professional Communities (Rhetoric of the Human Sciences)

Textual Dynamics of the Professions: Historical and Contemporary Studies of Writing in Professional Communities (Rhetoric of the Human Sciences)

Language: English

Pages: 390

ISBN: 0299125904

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How do discursive differences between legal professionals and jurors affect courtroom decisions? How does the DSM-III - the American Psychiatric Association's taxonomy of mental disorders - shape psychiatric practice? How can a narrative of social progress shape scientific theory? How do conflicting problem-solving strategies within a community contribute to technological disasters like Three Mile Island and the Shuttle Challenger? This book is a collection of 15 essays examining the real effects of texts on professional practice - in academic, scientific, and business settings. The authors describe textual dynamics as an interaction in which professional texts and discourses are constructed by, and in turn construct, social practices. This anthology treats a wide range of professional texts including case studies, student papers, medieval letters and product instructions.

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of and evaluate work already accomplished. The opening of section 2 quoted just above continues: All that has been done relating to this question, till the present time, amounts to nothing more than observations, how near these two classes of bodies approach one another; and before the 25 How Natural Philosophers Can Cooperate period of which I am now treating, these generalizations were few, general, and superficial. But I shall now present my reader with several very curious and accurate

wholly to study, mindful of the words of Cato, "To know anything is praiseworthy," etc. We occupy a good and comely dwelling, next door but one to the schools and market-place, so that we can go to school every day without wetting our feet. We have also good companions in the house with us, well advanced in their studies and of excellent habits- an advantage which we as well appreciate, for as the Psalmist says, "With an upright man thou wilt show thyself upright," etc. Wherefore lest production

particular scientific community." He notes with regret that the second sense has captured the imagination of scholars, though the first is closer to what he meant. In my opinion, the two senses are inextricably connected; in this essay I use the word in both senses at once. 2. O n macrostructures in general, see chapter 5 of van Dijk. Van Dijk and Kintsch treats in detail the relation of the reader to discourse macrostructures, as does Gulich and Raible. 3 . According to Rimmon-Kenan (14),

incompetent. (69) There is a group of people who we as a society label as being incompetent, therefore justifying paternalistic acts toward them. (70) These people are described and labelled as the following: those who are unable to understand or practice satisfactorily the basic requirements of survival, and so whose lives would be at worst in constant peril, and at best grossly unhappy, if not for the intervention of others. (71) Those suffering from mental retardation, below a certain level,

of claims with anywhere near the frequency of either of the experts. 5. Perhaps driven by her personal experience, Novice 2 , on the other hand, developed a knowledge representation in which authorship played some role. Her final text carefully distinguishes between her own position and the position taken by the authors she disagreed with. This structure remains different from that employed by the experts, however, because it does not indicate the relationship between the position she takes and

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