The Autobiography and Other Writings

The Autobiography and Other Writings

Benjamin Franklin

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0451528107

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin was a true Renaissance Man: writer, publisher, scientist, inventor, diplomat and politician. In his long life of eighty-four years, he offered advice on attaining wealth, organized public institutions, contributed to the birth of a nation, and negotiated with foreign powers to ensure its survival.

Through the words of the elder statesman himself, The Autobiography and Other Writings presents a remarkable insight into the man and his accomplishments and additional writings from Benjamin Franklin’s wife and son provide a more intimate portrait of the husband and father who found himself a legend in his own time.

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Corn, and Management of the Poor Letters (1771–1775) To Mrs. Jonathan Shipley To Jonathan Shipley Revolutionary Writings (1766–1787) Rules by which a Great Empire May be Reduced to a Small One The Sale of the Hessians To the Count de Vergennes, a Diplomatic Apology Speech In the Constitutional Convention Wise, Practical, and Humorous Writings of the Aged Sage (1772–1790) To Joseph Priestly, on Moral Algebra, or Decision-making Three Bagatelles and a Letter: The Ephemera The Whistle

little objection to enter into an engagement to assure that point. I answered, None at all. He then called in Paris, and after some discourse his lordship’s proposition was accepted on both sides; a paper to the purpose was drawn up by the clerk of the council, which I signed with Mr. Charles, who was also an agent of the province for their ordinary affairs, when Lord Mansfield returned to the Council Chamber, where finally the law was allowed to pass. Some changes were, however, recommended and

My resolutions in writing. My sickness. His death. Found D. R. married. Go to work again with Keimer. Terms. His ill usage of me. My resentment. Saying of Decow. My friends at Burlington. Agreement with H. Meredith to set up in partnership. Do so. Success with the Assembly. Hamilton’s friendship. Sewell’s History. Gazette. Paper money. Webb. Writing busybody. Breintnal. Godfrey. His character. Suit against us. Offer of my friends, Coleman and Grace. Continue the business, and M. goes to Carolina.

Lord Howe. To France. Treaty, etc. SECOND OUTLINE JOSIAS [JOSIAH] Franklin born in England, established in Boston in 1680 [1683], had seven children by a first wife and ten by a second. Benjamin is the eighth of the latter. At the age of twelve years Benjamin is apprenticed to one of his brothers aged twenty-two [twenty-one] years, printer at Boston, of a harsh and overbearing character. Benjamin, intelligent, skillful, and active, is very useful to his brother. He quarrels with him five years

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