The Bald Bandit (A to Z Mysteries)

The Bald Bandit (A to Z Mysteries)

Ron Roy

Language: English

Pages: 71

ISBN: 0679884491

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Help Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose solve mysteries from A to Z!
Kids love collecting the entire alphabet and super editions! With over 8 million copies in print, the A to Z Mysteries® have been hooking chapter book readers on mysteries and reading for years. Now this classic kid favorite is back with a bright new look!
B is for Bandit . . . There’s a bank robber in Green Lawn! A red-haired kid took a video of the crime, but nobody can find him. Without the video, will the robber go free? Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose must track down that kid—before the bandit does!

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red hair. Dink jumped off the bench and ran after him. “Excuse me,” Dink said, trying to catch his breath. “Who are you?” the redhead asked. “Dink Duncan.” Dink tried to remember his plan. “You may have won some money!” The redhead stared down at Dink. “Money? Me? Why? How much money?” “Were you near the bank when the robbery happened last week?” he asked. The kid kept staring at Dink. “Robbery? What robbery?” “You didn’t hear about it? It was on the news, on TV. Some guy robbed Green Lawn

Ruth Rose said. “Think about it. What’s tonight?” Dink and Josh looked at each other. “Halloween!” With black shoe polish in his hair and plastic fangs in his mouth, Dink looked like Dracula. His mom had made him a cape from an old black raincoat. He tied the cape around his neck just as the doorbell rang. A strange creature stood on his porch. The thing was wrapped in green cloth. Tufts of red hair poked out at the top. Large black high-tops stuck out at the bottom. “How do I look?”

“Very funny,” Dink muttered, tugging his hat down even tighter. Maybe I’ll cut my hair off, he thought. Go to school bald on Monday. Suddenly, he stopped walking. Thinking about cutting his hair off gave him an idea. He ran toward Main Street. At Howard’s Barbershop, he peered through the glass. Howard was watching an I Love Lucy rerun on a small TV set. Dink walked in, setting off the sleigh bells hanging over the door. Whenever he came to Howard’s for a haircut, Dink thought about

got a dimple on his chin.” Suddenly, Ruth Rose gasped. She ran across the room and out of the house. The door slammed behind her. Dink looked at Josh. “What’s going on?” Josh shrugged. “Maybe she doesn’t like guys with dimples.” A minute later, the door burst open and Ruth Rose ran back in. She was carrying her Elvis wig and her fake eyebrows. Ruth Rose stuck one eyebrow on the TV screen, under the bandit’s nose. It looked like a mustache. She held the wig over the bandit’s bald head.

mound of green strips. “What are you supposed to be?” Josh wrapped a strip around his face. He made a swamp monster face at Ruth Rose. “Guess,” he said. Ruth Rose smiled sweetly. “You’re a green sheet torn into strips.” The doorbell rang again. This time Dink saw a tall man standing on the doorstep. He was dressed in a suit and tie. He had dark curly hair, a droopy mustache, and a dimpled chin. “Hi, there. My name is Detective Reddy. I was hired by the Green Lawn Savings Bank to find

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