The Coiled Viper (The Secrets of Droon #19)

The Coiled Viper (The Secrets of Droon #19)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 131


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lord Sparr is back... and meaner than ever! This time, he is in search of the Coiled Viper, an ancient magical object of unknown, incredible power. Princess Keeah and her Upper World friends - Eric, Neal, and Julie - know they have to stop Sparr from uncovering the Viper. But there's one little catch. The Viper can't be found in Droon... because it's hidden somewhere in the Upper World!

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She pushed through the doors. Eric paused on the steps. The three friends were meeting at the library to work on school projects. They each had to create a family tree and write a report on a distant ancestor. Eric looked out over the busy center of their little town. He smiled to himself. People were shopping, strolling, and walking their dogs. The town had a pizza place, a movie theater, and a skate park. It was everything a town should be. And soon it would be even better. He looked up at

tenders, and melting ice cream. “Uh, Eric,” said Neal as they raced in, “either your parents are getting sloppy or the Ninns just discovered your fridge.” “Give me that mustard!” snapped a voice. “Those are my cookies!” snarled another. “My parents!” Eric gasped. Galen pulled open the basement door to see Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle struggling with a pair of hungry Ninns on the stairs. “Excuse me!” Galen grabbed the Ninns by their ears and dragged them down the basement stairs. The kids jumped down

greatness comes to us when we need it most.” “I come from a pretty short line — just me!” Galen laughed. “That may just be enough.” Boom-oom-oom! The passage shook. Rocks fell from the ceiling, showering them with dust. “The Ninns are firing at us from the ship!” cried Max. “We must hurry along.” Boom-oom-oom! Suddenly, a chunk of wall crumbled before them, and daylight streaked across the passage. An instant later, a small army of Ninns squeezed into the tunnel. “Give me the Eye!” the

trembled, even as she tugged the curtain aside and looked in. “That voice …” Sparr rose from the chair, wincing in pain as he hobbled to the cauldron. The moment he came near, white smoke rose from the fire. And out of the smoke a face began to form. It was a woman with wild green hair. Her skin was pale white, her lips were black. The flames leaped around her, then settled down again. Keeah began to shake. “Oh, my gosh! It’s Witch Demither!” Unaware of the four friends behind the curtain,

Sparr pulled up a chain that hung around his neck. On it was a pale white stone, carved all over with strange markings. Eric felt his heart skip a beat. “Is that — that’s not the medallion Galen was telling us about?” “Where did you find that?” asked Demither. “In the past,” said the sorcerer. “Here in the Upper World. I fought someone. I took it. I must know what the markings mean.” The white stone flashed in the flame’s light. Eric staggered, as if he had been struck. “It is the Moon

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