The Complete Plays: The Hostage, The Quare Fellow, Richard's Cork Leg, Moving Out, A Garden Party, The Big House

The Complete Plays: The Hostage, The Quare Fellow, Richard's Cork Leg, Moving Out, A Garden Party, The Big House

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0802130704

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This volume contains everything Behan wrote in dramatic form in English. First come the three famous full-length plays: The Quare Fellow, set in an Irish prison, is "something very like a masterpiece" (John Russell Taylor); The Hostage, set in a Dublin lodging-house of doubtful repute, "shouts, sings, thunders and stamps with life . . . a masterpiece" (Harold Hobson); and Richard's Cork Leg, set largely in a graveyard, is nevertheless "a joyous celebration of life" (Michael Billington). There follow three little-known one-act plays originally written for radio and all intensely autobiographical: Moving Out, A Garden Party and The Big House. The Introduction, by Alan Simpson, who knew Behan well and first directed his work on stage, provides the essential biographical details as well as candid insights into Behan's working methods and his political allegiances. Also included in the volume is a wide-ranging bibliography. "It seems to be Ireland's function, every twenty years or so, to provide a playwright who will kick English drama from the past into the present. Brendan Behan may well fill the place vacated by Sean O'Casey."-Kenneth Tynan

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exercise yard after you. Here’s these noisy little gets again. The two YOUNG PRISONERS come round from the left, their sweeping brushes in front of them and singing their song. The OTHER FELLOW stands quite still at his door. YOUNG PRISONERS. Only one more cell inspection We go out next Saturday Only one more cell inspection Then we go far far away. [They are sweeping near the LIFER.] Only one more cell inspection We go out next Saturday Only one more cell … LIFER.    For God’s sake shut up

CRONIN.) You know that he was a homosexual was proved by the British Government … The Committee were all old Etonians who knew about it. And now, my dear friends, I will cast my brother’s ashes to the winds. BAWD II.    With the acclamation of one and all. PRINCE.    I think it’s not ethical when you haven’t made even a small deposit (He shakes his woolly head.) MRS MALLARKEY (to THE HERO). Perhaps, dear sir, you would read the eulogy? BAWD II.    He’s blind. BAWD I.    Order, please. THE

Leslie Frewin, 1965; New York: Simon and Schuster, 1966). Borel, Françoise. ‘Alas, Poor Brendan!’ Aspects of the Irish Theatre. Cahkrs Irlandais 1, ed. Patrick Rafroidi, Raymonde Popot, and William Parker (Paris: Editions Universitaires, Publications de l’Université de Lille, 1972), pp. 119–136. Boyle, Ted E. Brendan Behan (New York: Twayne Publishers, 1969). Cronin, Anthony. Dead As Doornails; A Chronicle of Life (Dublin: Dolmen Press; London: Calder & Boyars, 1976). De Burca, Seamus.

there? CONDUCTOR. I suppose it is, if her husband is dead. JIM.    I’m looking for the new houses. CONDUCTOR. Well, this is as far as we go. You couldn’t bring the buses up there yet. I only know that this is the terminus. Thus far shalt thou go and no further, as the man said. Try them in the shop there. The light comes up on a door leading into a small shop. JIM.        I will. Good night. [The light fades on the bus, and we hear the sound of it moving away.] It’s as blade as my boot. I’ll

us. JIM.    Go and see who it is, Seamus. SEAMUS.    Right, Da. [He goes out into the hall, and then calls back.] It’s Mr Gibbon, Da. GIBBON    [from the hall].    That’s who it is all right, Stanislaus Aloysius Ignatius Gibbon, Commander. Only known to all and sundry as the babbling gunman of the Dublin No. 1 Brigade. [He comes into the kitchen.] NOEL    [murmurs]. Would it be the Fire Brigade by any chance? GIBBON.    And I’ll give it to yous over my son being hit today in the school yard.

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