The Corridor of Certainty

The Corridor of Certainty

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1471130045

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Geoffrey Boycott is one of the most outspoken and knowledgeable voices on cricket - but this book opens up a whole, new personal side to his life. Thirteen years ago, he received the diagnosis that tore his world apart: he had cancer of the tongue. Having faced down the fastest bowlers during his career as one of England's greatest-ever batsmen, he now had to take on an even more daunting foe. In this fascinating new book, his first autobiographical work for more than 15 years, Boycott not only relives his terrifying battle with cancer but also writes movingly about his long-time love Rachael, and their daughter Emma. He talks about his many other interests and friendships beyond cricket, with a great chapter on Brian Clough as well as revealing some surprising enthusiasms: Boycott and Katy Perry?
But Boycott has devoted his life to cricket, and his insights on the game, its players and those who write and talk about it are never less than frank, revealing, entertaining and very honest. He assesses the modern generation of players: how does he rate England's prolific captain Alastair Cook? And is Kevin Pietersen a batting genius or a player who has frittered away his talent? His opinions come with the authority of someone with profound knowledge of and love for the sport. In commentary, he refers to the 'corridor of uncertainty' for a batsman - but with Geoffrey Boycott there is never any room for that, which is why this book is such a compelling and entertaining read.

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their DNA and personality. I’d always been a strident individual, forthright and frank, and you can’t totally change that, but I think cancer does smooth off a lot of the edges. Feng shui also believes you are born with characteristics common to that year. Funnily enough Rachael, Emma and I were all born in a dragon year. The only difference is I am a ‘metal’ dragon, which means I am strong and determined; Emma is an ‘earth’ dragon and has a mind ‘like a platinum bear trap’ and is if anything

months if I did not embark on a gruelling round of treatments. I have been honest about that experience and held nothing back. Even after all this time, it surprised me how emotive and distressing it was to recall the horrific impact those treatments had on my body. It is not what the cancer does to you, but the torture you have to put yourself through to be cured, and the fact that even then, at the back of your mind, you are thinking: ‘I might go through all this and still not survive.’ In the

players to intervene before there was a chance of anything happening. The reason I think this issue is so important and needs dealing with properly is that when incidents of sledging are seen on television by club cricketers and kids, they think it is okay for them to behave that way because the big stars get away with it without meaningful repercussions. As a result, umpires at club level now get more abuse than ever before. It overstepped the mark in the last two Ashes series and threatened to

members. Pakistan followed in 1952, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh joined later. In 1965, the board became the International Cricket Conference and until 1993, when the board was renamed the International Cricket Council, England and Australia had two votes each. They had four out of eight votes before they started, so unless the other countries could split England and Australia they always had their way. It was disgraceful and other countries rightly felt it was a repugnant remnant of

return. But the problem for Cook is that he will always be compared to his Australian opposite number, Clarke, who is very sharp. I accept people say: ‘If not Cook, then who?’ A lack of alternatives is a bigger problem for England to solve. But one day if Cook does not grasp it, then someone else will come on the scene and they will be made captain. You can’t stick with a captain because he is a nice lad and a good batsman. He was lucky to survive the 5–0 in Australia, but the ECB realised they

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