The Dirty Joke Book

The Dirty Joke Book

Mr. K

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 0806521260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is simply filled with any number of dirty jokes. Designed for anyone who enjoys that style of humor.

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veterinarian. "Doc, I know you're gonna. think I'm nuts, but I think my parrot is horny," the ma.n says. "Now how can you tell that?" the vet asks. "Polly wa.nna fuckl Polly wa.nna fuckl Polly wa.nna fuckl" the parrot squawks. "You're right. He is horny," the vet says. "Is there anything you can do, doc?" the ma.n asks. "Tell you what. For a. hundred bucks, I a. female parrot. I'll stick her in the cage with your bird." "Pa.y the Pa.y the" the parrot squawks. The ma.n hands the

asks. The cabby looks at her snatch and says, "Lady, you got anything smaller?" ••• WHAT do you call the useless meat around a snatch? A woman. • •• THE RESIDENTS of a small town 1n the West urge the sheriff to arrest the local gay guy. It seems like he 's been propositioning every teenage boy in town. The sheriff goes to the guy's house and arrests him. "Okay, gay boy.. You got fifteen minutes to blow this townl " The guy replies, "I'll need at least three hours. " ••• WHAT DID the polite

Protestant or Catholic?" Not wanting to get shot if he says the wrong answer, the man decided to lie. "I'm neither. I'm a Jew." The gunman laughs and said, "Then I'm the luckiest Arab 1n Ireland ton1ghtl" 88 guy goes to confession. He tells the priest, "Bless me father for I have slnned. I screwed a married woman." "That's terrible, my son," the priest says. "Who may she be?" "I can't tell you that, Father," the man sa.ys. "Was it Jeanne McCarthy?" "No, Father." "Was it Mary McDougal?" "No,

know, I think gays are disgusting. But, since you've freed me from this bottle after a mllllon years, I'm supposed to let you have one wish. Take some time to think about it, then let me know." The genie disappears. "Let's go back to our hotel room and wish the da,y away," Bruce says. "Let's," Sydney agrees. While they lie on their hotel bed, their door is kicked down and six men in white sheets enter. "We're the KKK," the biggest one says . "And I think you boys need to be hung! " With that, the

table. ••• HEAR ABOUT the Eskimo woman who ha.d a. one-night stand? When she woke up, she wa.s six months pregnant. • •• HEAR ABOUT the new Star Trek condoms? They boldly go where no man ha.s ever come before. ••• A siX-YEAR-oLD girl comes home a.nd tells her mother , "Tommy asked me 1f I wanted to play doctor with him. " The girl's mother gets all upset a.nd says to her daughter, "So what happened, dear?" The girl replies, "Nothing. He me wait an hour, then double-billed the insurance

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